Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Challenge Time!

Hey team!

We had such a great time with our first challenge, we're going to do it again! I believe we've worked out all the kinks now, so should be smooth sailing this time around. ::fingers crossed::

Are you excited? You should be!

A re-cap of the rules...

You will have a theme to work from. This weeks theme is "Darkness". I'm thinking Halloween and shorter days, but please interpret this however you wish. Be creative!
  1. The treasury must be curated between today and Saturday (Oct.27 - Oct.30). You will have 4 days to create and submit, then there will be 3 days for voting. This challenge will end on Tuesday, Nov.2nd, 23:59. Winner announced on Wednesday, Nov.3rd.
  2. A link to your treasury must be posted here in the comments of this post to enter.
  3. Your treasury must contain two tags: craftyirelandteam and citchallenge2 (note the 2).
  4. You must include 8-10 Crafty Ireland Team members in your treasury.
  5. Your treasury must not include one of your own items.

    That's it!
Your incentive? Should you need one. ;)

- The winner will receive a a little feature post here on the blog AND their Etsy Mini listed in the sidebar for one whole week!

- Voting will be done via poll, which will be available on Saturday. Winner will be announced next Wednesday, Nov. 3rd.

Show us what you've got!


... Challenge Entries This Week ...

- The Icy Rain is Cutting Through the Dark nicedaydesigns

- Darkness and Light by purlsofcolour

- Darkness... or just the Absence of Light? by Darerca

- The Formula by byAMOR

- The Dark Side of the Moon by selkiecrochet

- the sun doesn't shine every day by homespunireland

- Darkness in Black & White by lilabelledesign

- The Darkest Hour before The Dawn by LuckyRainbowDesigns

Vote here!


  1. cool! I've got a rotten stinking cold today so I'll have a think about all this tomorrow - really enjoyed the last one!

  2. Oh no you've done it again and distracted me from work!! Here is my bleak contribution

  3. oh no, hope you feel better soon, Selkie!

    haha, Ruth, I do what I can. ;)
    Nice one! You're first on the list!

  4. I know all about that cold...get well soon, Selkie!

    Yes, Rach has distracted me as well - I was just about to take on the government ;)

    Here's my offering:

  5. I am great for distractions. :P

    great list, Brig! You're on the list.

  6. Here's mine:

  7. wonderful entry, Silver Soul! You're on the list.

    Keep them coming, guys! :)


    Here's my contribution...I wonder if my dark love potion could double up for a 'how to tuesday'.....

  9. great idea, Anne-Marie! kill two birds. ;)

    fab entry, you're on the list!


    here's my effort this time - sorry I haven't sent out convos on Etsy to everyone I've included but I'm really sick -- think I've got manflu ... eek!!

    thanks for the 'get well soon' messages (((hugs)))

  11. Here's mine!

  12. they are all so very nice so far cant wait to see more! :)

  13. My entry "Darkness in Black & White"


    One from mise!! Enjoy x

  15. this is great! The challenge was as great idea for spurring us on. Thanks!

  16. I'm so glad you're all enjoying these challenges! :)
    That's it for submissions this week, voting is now open!

    I've included the widget into the post as well as the sidebar.

  17. Spent the morning (ahem afternoon) browsing all the entries. Great job everyone!

    Still having trouble voting though. Probably my old computer but I'm too attached & can't bare to think of (gulp!) throwing it out. Any chance of a direct link to the poll on polldaddy.

  18. oh dear, I'm sorry Letizia, I don't know what the problem is.

    Here is a direct link for ya: