Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pop-Up Shop in Dublin City Centre

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick one; the Dublin members had talked about organising a pop-up shop in Dublin city center for December to make a few quid during the Christmas rush.  There are a couple of properties that may be a goer.
One that needs a bit of love on South Anne Street that is pretty reasonable;


And a few possibilities in the Hibernian Walk Way.


I have spoken to the agents for these properties (and lots of others!) and they seem to think that their client may be receptive to a short one month lease.  So before I go back to them, I need to know who is definitely able to commit to the month of December and would you be happy to commit to pay say EUR100 per week plus split the cost of insurance (not sure what this cost would be).

I think if there were 6 - 8 of us we could cover the costs without too much trouble.


Angela (a.k.a. artysmarty)


  1. Do you have the 6-8 people? I am in Kerry, so would I have to come up and work there? Let me know about developments....

  2. I'd love to know more about this. My question is similar to Kerrys. Will we be on site?

  3. great idea! i hope it works!
    i'd love to come and shop, make sure you let us know when it's up and running!

  4. Anyone interested in doing this in Galway? There's some great locations near shop street for about 1500 a month or less, and don't forget there are Team Grants available through Etsy that we could apply for.

  5. Hi Ladies,

    I think we would definitely need people on deck here to help run, publicize and physically kit the shop out at the beginning, but I guess once it's up and running we can put a rota in place to have 2 people manning the shop each day and take turns.

    This is just an initial call out so no-one is signed up yet. Open to everyone!


  6. DBJewelleryDesigns26 October 2010 at 19:21

    I work full time but would like to do this if possible. Could you send more details?

  7. Hi Angela, great well done for sourcing these, Hibernian "looks" better, although there would be loads of traffic on Sth Anne St.

    I just landed a big order so cannot commit as I am going to be tied up with this order and in terms of producing stock wouldn't be able to (now).

    But will visit and if needs be cover a few hours? Kids will be with me if that's ok.

    Up for it for next time though too.

  8. Argh, if I had the money and were based in Dublin :(

    Good luck guys! I am so keeping my fingers crossed for you, and if I am in Dublin during that time, I'll definitely drop in!

  9. I would also love to come and shop. Hope it all works out.

  10. Would love to partake but have a little kid with no-one to look after her during the week. could maybe do the odd half-day but would have her with me.
    Its a cool idea though.

  11. well done Angela on doing all the ground work on this. I would love to be involved but could not afford to commit that amount of money. However, I am off during most of the week and would consider joining, doing some days for maybe a reduced rent? Cover for others who cannot be there if they could increase their rent?
    Sorry for throwing the cat among the pigeons but I will help in any way I can.

  12. Hi, Brilliant idea. May be interested, but would like to know a bit more about setup etc. Would there be set up costs like painting/decorating or shop furniture? Is a deposit needed as well as rent?


  13. Mo, don't turn into 'the evil catwoman' - throwing a poor kitty in the bin, erm, I mean amongst the pigeons ;)

    Joking aside, you raised a great point here - can people 'pay off' some of the 100 Euro per week by working, while others who cannot physically do the staffing of the shop but have the money contribute items and cash?

    Also, one thing about the insurance - is this the shop insurance or do people working in the shop have to have public liability insurance (obligatory on some markets)?

  14. Its a great idea, unfortunately I'm in Ardee, not a million miles away I know, but have 3 kidoodles in school. If it was weekends I'd probably be up for it, I've been looking for an affordable x-mass outlet for my wares.

  15. Hi I would be interested ,I could work 3days per week,I have public liability ins.will that cover it? Hibernian way looks best to me.

  16. Hi Angela,

    I would be interested in getting involved.


  17. Hi Angela, great idea, Hibernian way looks best to me. Can't commit with much money though, could work in the shop (3-)4 weekdays/week (first 3 weeks of Dec) as holding classes at weekends. I have public liability insurance.

  18. Hi Angela,

    I'm pretty interested, like everyone else have reservations about the cost. I'd love to hear/discuss more. If more people were involved in a small way the costs could possibly be reduced. I could also work in the shop on Thursdays or Fridays for the month.


  19. Love the idea of pop up shops in every town in Ireland.It would certainly give us a chance to tell people about our au pair programme and work and travel programmes


  20. Hi There folks,

    I'm in the woodworking end of things and build bits and pieces in my spare time. I've a range of things that could be easily replicated but lack the exposure etc to show off what i can do.
    Is anyone else in the same boat. I am in the ccoi . Any advice would be great. My email is richiek67@gmail.com if anyone would like to see some of my work. Its contemporary stuff by the way. All hardwood.
    Many thanks


  21. Hi All, Anyone interested in doing one of these in March in Dublin city centre for a week?

    Accessories designer

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  24. Hi Angela,

    I am a lighting and product designer from Dublin looking for a space to sell my work at Christmas,.. Would love to be apart of this pop up rental. Have you been given any quotes for the insurance yet and whether the agents are happy to rent the spaces for the month?

    Kind regards,


  25. Anyone interested in setting one up for the months before christmas. I make wooden toys and I am looking for a place to sell them. emmetkelly@hotmail.com