Tuesday 17 August 2010

How to : fabric tape

my favorite part in my Etsy shopkeeping is the wrapping up of every sale (as though i haven't said it before). no package is exactly alike because i don't really have a standard packing procedure in place. i love to experiment and try new materials every now and then. i love to browse through crafting blogs for inspiration on how i can improve my own work. for me, packaging in itself is a craft worth learning and improving on.

so when Claire left a comment on my last post here, i followed the link to her lovely Heart Handmade blog and found this easy-peasy tutorial on how to make fabric tapes/stickers. i got excited! it was something that i can really use for my packages! do check out Claire's step-by-step instruction with beautiful photographs on her blog.

if you have a Xyron sticker machine (and wants instant gratification like me!), then this project is for you. if you don't, but you love fabric stickers, you can check out a few other tutorials from these wonderful blogs: Annekata, Simply Modern Mom, and The Red Thread. this is a great project to use the scraps from your favorite fabrics. i made these fabric tapes one evening while watching the telly. ^-^

i bought my Xyron 510 sticker machine from Ebay UK. it was used, so i got it for a fraction of its brand new price. the beauty of using this machine when making the fabric tapes is that i can make several strips at once. you would need to carefully feed the strips through, and slowly crank the handle on the side. and pronto, there are your tapes on the other end!

use a bone folder to rub the top layer of the tape to firmly secure the fabrics to the adhesive. then  carefully lift off the top clear layer of your Xyron sticker and cut the tape strips individually.

roll your tapes to store until you need them. or as in my case, cut to small bits and squares and tape them to your new packages immediately! check out this tiny bit in action (photo courtesy of magpie and button, thanks!).

even my cat Tom approved! ^-^
thanks for dropping by, enjoy your new fabric tapes!

if you make fabric stickers using this fab tutorial from Claire, do add your photos to the Hearthandmade flickr group.



  1. Oh wow this is great Odette! Gorgeous pictures too. I had been wondering how to make cute fabric stickers like these - I'm off to experiment now.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. So cool, but now I have another thing I 'must have' in my life - why don't I have a money tree!!

  3. frealz, I need one of these sticker machines.

    Claire is a doll!

    Great tut!

  4. yay, i'm glad you liked the tutorial guys!

    @ magpieandbutton, brilliant! i'm curious what you're cooking up in your crafty room at the moment. :)

    @ carrie, i know the feeling! *sigh*
    the smaller xyron is much cheaper, and there's one ending in about 4hours from now. ^-^

    @ balanced, they're quite handy to have. ^-^

  5. great post! you make it look so easy...

  6. @ spiralgoddess, thanks!
    it was very easy indeed, the sticker machine did all the dirty work. ^-^

  7. @ judith, they're handy to have, no batteries needed, nor electricity. you just crank the handle and your sticker is ready. ^-^

  8. Cool stuff. And I love the paper doilie packaging too.

  9. Odette, I love the sticker machine! And your packaging is lovely! Thanks for the great article!
    Tom is a beauty!

  10. @ anne-marie, thanks! ^-^

    @ purls, thanks, i'm glad you liked the tut! i enjoyed the project so much i knew i just had to share it.
    and ohh, yes tom is a beauty, hands down! ^-^