Monday, 16 August 2010


Greetings from the Crafty News Desk....

This weeks photo is another of my snaps from my trip to Galway a few weeks ago.

Great meet up in Dublin last Saturday - report coming later in the week.....

Time is just flying in the land of crafts. Hard to believe but I saw my first Christmas ad on tv last week. It was for a new toy. I wont tell you how many shopping days are left but if you haven't started thinking about your Christmas sales yet now would be a good time to start. I know, its hard to think about reindeer, snow and wolly jumpers when the sun is shining outside and you are still wearing shorts and flip flops, but time is moving on.

The Craft Council of Ireland's website is a good one to check out for upcoming markets, supplies etc.

Did anyone see Ruth's video on Nationwide? She has a shop called NiceDayDesigns and has a link to the video up on her Facebook page Well done Ruth

Has anyone else made it to the airways or newspapers??? Let us know so we can give you a virtual pat on the back!!!! Share the love.....

Just a reminder to those who might not have heard..... the Crafty Market in Dublin goes weekly from September next and there are offers for sellers for multiple bookings. Check it out here

Thats if for now . . . . I will update during the week if anything new comes in.

Take care


  1. Thanks Mo!

    OK, I always think of wool, even in the summer, but to think of Christmas now when we just had three summer days...I find it hard even to think of autumn (yes, I am a spring/ summer babe and in total denial...)

    *goes off looking for a reindeer*

  2. I'm pretty sure Ruth's shop is named NiceDayDesigns, not balanced. That would be mine.
    I wish I were on the news. ha

  3. Oppppsssss!!!!! Sorry about that. Thats what happens when I am rushing. Will update. Sorry again.....

  4. Thanks for the nudge about Christmas! Enjoyed Saturday's meeting and seeing everyone. Fi