Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bloggers wanted!

It is nearly September, the leaves are not yet falling, and our Etsy Ireland blog is doing really well.

Alas, for it to stay that way, we need a few more articles, especially for the sections 'How to Tuesdays' and 'Trade Secrets Thursdays'. Contributions are also always needed for 'Eyes Open Ireland'; and any Introductions and 'I'll Show You Mine' are very welcome!

Or poetry, ideas, suggestions, bear musings... BEAR MUSINGS???

Jacob lets it be known that he will personally write an article himself if nothing is forthcoming, and right now he's making stabbing movements with a pen...

Contact me, Brigitte, at my Etsy Shop if you have any article or idea for this blog, and Bridget at her shop for 'Eyes Open Ireland'.


  1. I just schedualled something for next tuesday, it was free on the calender so I hope that's ok. Whenever I fiddle with the time it always seems to mess up the pre-posting so it's set to post at 2.30 which is kinda late, if you wanna fix that it's totally fine.

  2. Oh wonderful! I see if I can fix it or just publish it Tuesday morning (knowing me, I am most likely to be still up at like 1AM...)

  3. I can't wait to read what Jacob writes....and I look forward to another one of your fab articles Ruth.

    As you know Ruth, (because you kindly fixed my messes)I had major issues with the timing in the beginning. I now follow the advice that I got from Purls to set the time for O:00 (no PM) and so far, it always publishes in the first hour of the day it's meant to publish. I stick to that now.

  4. oh thanks I'll give that a shot next time! whenever I try to change the time from what it is right now it overrides my date change and publishes it immediately...pesky blogspot!

  5. oh and the other thing is I change the date and time first before I write anything at all. I don't remember if Purls advised that or if it's just something I do and whether it makes any difference. I'm afraid to do it any other way now in case I mess up again.