Thursday, 15 July 2010

Limerick Meet Up Reminder

Hi this is Ruth from Nice Day Designs, this is a reminder for anyone who is thinking of going to the Etsy Ireland Limerick Getaway that was described in this post. It takes place this Saturday the 17th in Limerick city. Myself and Rebecca are collecting people from the Limerick train/bus station at 2pm, if you can get to here by that time it would be fantastic. If you are driving or arriving later just give me a text at 087 9590571 ( I was freaked about putting my number up here but I figure at this stage in my career I've given out about 6000 business cards to total strangers, can it get much more public than that??). We will be staying very central all day and evening so it will be easy to find us. There is still room for the accommodation, but we would prefer to know the final numbers for that as soon as possible. Veterans, newbies and prospective Etsy sellers are all welcome, it would just be lovely just to meet up and talk about all things crafty.

Click here for a google map of the city, it might be a good idea to print this out if you are coming, we will be showing everyone around, but we still don't want anyone getting lost!!
Also if any of you want to bring some of your work it would be lovely for a show and tell, and also the spare craft supplies was a great success at the last meeting. So if you have anything in your studio that you would like to de-clutter that you think someone else might find useful, then bring it along. Also if you have them bring along some business cards, they always come in handy. Lastly there is no need for sleeping bags, as the rooms at the university are fully furnished.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, and I hope to see lots of you there!


  1. Can't wait :)
    I'll be getting the 12.25 bus from Cork with Letizia (ooakie) and Anastasija (lightkeeping) if anyone else wants to travel with us.
    See you all soon!

  2. Hope you got my email ok - sadly, I won't be going anywhere, since I can't afford it :(

    Right now, all the little money I have goes into the business (and food, and that's it really...stuck in Belfast and becoming duller by the minute...)

    Have a great time everybody, and I am with you in spirit!!! I also do expect at least one blog article with pics after you all return...

    Volunteers? ;)

  3. Seeing as I havn't done a post in a while I'd be happy to talk about the meeting as I'll be there tooooo!! Whoo

    Looking forward to seeing you all! :)

  4. Wish I could go :( Have fuuun! :)

  5. Gutted I was free all day today, but didn't get this until now, and now hubby's gone out and I'm stuck with the kids :(
    How gutted am i!
    Please I know this is on now and tonight, but when will you do it all again, will definately plan the next one a bit better. And even though I live in Co.Limerick, I'll still stay over (if its an option again) as i expect it'll be a ball.
    Please send on or post up any photo's, would be great to see how it all went and to hear the 'stories' ;)