Saturday, 3 July 2010

Crafty Getaway to Limerick City

A little while ago we suggested in this post an Etsy Ireland trip to Limerick. We thought we would get more takers for this offer if we finalised some arrangements. We are setting the date for the 17th of July. Just in case you didn't see the last post here is the general idea:

Rebecca from Lucky Rainbow Designs is a student village co-ordinator in the University of Limerick and she has very kindly offered free accommodation for the group to come and have a little getaway. The houses would sleep about 14 people, so we are limited in space so please leave a comment here if you are interested and I'll be in touch. Don't worry the houses have all been cleaned top to toe since the students left!!
The plan would be to meet in the early afternoon, or depending on travel times for people coming from further afar that's flexible for each person. Myself and Rebecca would show you the craft shops and local attractions. Including a couple of our favourite pubs later that evening. Then it's back to campus where you get to stay for free!! The next day if anyone wants to take a gander down town they can come have a look at the crafty market I sell at on Sunday. If you want to check out some more info about Limerick check out ILoveLimerick and The Limerick Co-Ordination website.
For bus times click here, or train times click here. Alternatively if there was someone else from the team driving maybe people could share lifts and petrol costs etc. So if anyone is thinking of driving can you mention it in your comment below and other team members in your area can get in touch.
This trip is open to Etsy Ireland members, or those thinking of joining the team, it's about like minded people coming together and having a bit of fun and getting to see a new city.


  1. Its my friends 21st that night :( noooo

  2. It sounds so tempting, I could not resist it despite the tight budget and a trip to Dublin on Monday to meet my mom coming over for a visit:)
    So count me in! I'll be coming from Cork by bus I think. For anyone else thinking about the trip from Cork the return bus ticket is 20 euros and the journey takes 1 hour 45 min, While online train tickets at the moment are just over 40 euros.
    If there would be anyone coming from Cork by car, I would be happy to share the petrol cost:)
    Looking forward to the trip and will be bringing some goodies for sharing:)

  3. I'd loooove to come, but right now, I am not just skint, but REALLY REALLY REALLY SKINT!

    But I am not totally saying no yet...

    If I either get a job by then or sell my socks off next Sunday at the Fashion Souk, I'll be there :)

  4. I'm leaning towards yes but not a definite yet so will post back here when I know.

  5. Lorna-tell your friend to change her birthday!! sorry you can't make it :(

    Lightkeeeping-yey you are the first confirmed guest!! don't worry you're not the only one, a few Limerick folks have confrmed verbally

    Purls-here's hoping you get a few quid together, it would be lovely to see you again!

    Letizia-you know you want to!

  6. Come on everyone!!! we need MORE takers! :)

  7. Oooooooh yes please! Count me in!
    Sorry I didn't reply before now, I was away all week. How lovely to come back to an invitation to Limerick fun!!!!

  8. Wish I could, Ruth! Its one of my good friends too so I cant even send an excuse with a pretty gift and get away with it. Poop :(

  9. Ruth, many thanks for posting this on FB for me. I'm headed to Limerick this weekend and will be back here before the 17th. Wish I'd been blog-reading more carefully so I could have arranged things differently. Not to worry-will make the next one!

  10. When do you think the next one will be?
    Would really love to come.
    Am new to all this so it would be great to meet other crafters.
    I'm coming up from north kerry border, what time in the day are you meeting and where? As I am supposed to be going out for a few drinks that night already.