Monday, 15 March 2010

Introduction Monday....Amg-Arts

Hi, my name is Ann Gorman; I am a Collage/Mixed Media and Paper Crafts Artist and I run Amg-Arts.

I live surrounded by beautiful scenery in the Boyne Valley Region overlooking Newgrange burial site in Co. Meath, unfortunately I am usually too busy in my Art Studio to enjoy the views or its busy raining outside.

At the moment I am working on converting old sheds/stables and a loft into working art studios, gallery and a workshop, where classes will be taught. But in the meantime I am content in working in my art studio inside my home. I also went back to college and studying a degree in Textiles at N.C.A.D but had to take 'time out' this year because I got sick, but on the mend now and putting all my time and effort into my art work and my Etsy Shop.

My first love is my collages, I love telling stories with them and adding details that I feel symbolize the story, or bring the collage 'alive', I also write and you will find some of my poems entwined into my collages. I make cut and paste collages on card, canvas and board and I also make them with Beeswax.

In my Etsy shop you will find some of my collages, also my paper crafts; my cards and guestbook’s etc. I will soon be doing prints of my collages too.

When I’m not doing my art and crafts, I am busy working on doing up our old cottage, working in my garden, walking our three Springer Spaniels, I have my nose stuck into a book or I'm writing my blog  'Where People Create' .

My Etsy Shop:

Thanks a million for reading this, and have a great week! :)

Ann x


  1. Nice introduction Ann...Just back from your blog and etsy shop. love the guest books!

  2. Hey Ann
    Thanks for doing this spot, as I said before I LOVE your work, you have fantastic eye for composition!I'm heading over to your facebook page now to become a fan

  3. your collages have such a dream like quality - I just sink into them! wonderful work! :)