Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to Tuesday: Paper Flowers ♥

For todays how-to we are going to explore the art of flower making. It all started with this clever video tutoral discovered on the etsy blog last summer. Since then I haven't stopped making pretty paper posies! A paper flower may look difficult but you'll find its a super simple and fun project! Lets take a peek! :)....

Once I got the hang of constructing a basic flower shape I started experimenting with lots of different materials and petal shapes and I soon came up with some weird and wonderful results!

If you don't have lovely white vellum as shown in the vid, don't worry I've used all sorts of stuff, including paper tissue, vellum, comic books, magazines, maps etc. etc. I have bunches of these pretty paper posies throughout my home and they don't need any water either! Bonus! :)

For lighter papers such as these a glue stick works fine, wet glue obviously takes longer to dry but is ideal for less porous surfaces such as vellum and sweetie wrappers. Speaking of sweeeties! .....

This is a mad wee bouquet that I received as a christmas present from my equally mad Momma - its made entirely out of sweet wrappers and I love all the juicy bright colours! (I never got to eat all those sweets though! tut tut!)

I also love the purity of white paper so I made a simple arrangement for my bathroom and it still looks fresh as a daisy six months later! Heres wishing you all a happy paddys day and an even lovelier springtime! If you have any questions for me please drop me a note in the comments - I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!

Tanya ;)*



  1. Lovely, Tanya! I love origami and will be trying out these gorgeous blossoms:) Did you see some of your lovely baubles were on the FP about midnight last night? Congrats!!

  2. Thanks Rena! If you have a go at this will you take a photo for me? I'd love to see what you come up with!

    ... and I only heard about the fp this morning on facebook! I'm all delighted! ;)

  3. Gorgeous Tanya. Love the white bouquet you made too, I'm a sucker for the crispness of white flowers. Now if only I had some more time in the day to make some flowers ...!

  4. These are beautiful Tanya! I'm a sucker for paper, and flowers...et voila paper flowers. Thanks for doing the last minute how-to!

  5. I love your paper flowers Tanya - I have one you made a few months ago at the Crafty Market and it still looks fab!

  6. Great article. Love all the flowers especially the white one.

  7. Thanks people! if you make any paper flowers (it only takes a couple of mins really) take a picture for me! I'd love to see them ;)

    Glad to hear you are still looking after yours Judith! ♥