Sunday 14 March 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

This weeks eyes open ireland comes from Caroline and Eleanor of Irishwoolen. They are from Dublin but this image comes from Co. Kerry.

Caroline says,

"My boyfriend is originally from New Zealand so two years ago when his mother travelled across the world to visit us, we decided to take her on a trip around Ireland to see some of the nicest scenery (we live in Stepaside, Dublin).
As you may remember the summer of 2007 was the first 'rainy rainy summer' (first in a row of 3 so far). His mum visited in July and it rained every single day of her visit.
We decided we would not let the rain stop us so we chose to take her to west cork and to Kerry. As we drove the ring of Kerry the sun appeared out of nowhere and just in time for us to stop, paddle in the water and take this lovely picture. The little appearance of the sun boosted our spirits in a big way and whenever I look at this picture I remember how happy we were when I took it.
I have had some wonderful holidays in Kerry and always find it such a relaxing place to be - a nice quiet pace of life and somewhere I love to visit." 


  1. Awwwww.....this is my most favourite spot in Ireland. How lovely to see it posted here. We wild camp on the Dingle peninsula every summer come rain or shine and love to take the body board in here at Coumenole at every opportunity. I get loads of my inspiration from this area and just feel so alive here.

  2. Aileen - next time you come over let me know missus!!! I'd love to go wild camping in Dingle!

    Thats a great photograph Caroline & Eleonor - there are soo many beautiful colours in that sea!