Wednesday 17 February 2010

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

And with a title like that, yes, I grew up in the 80s. Without further ado, introducing the newest, loveliest members of the Crafty Ireland team ... drum roll please:
Top to bottom:
Single White Female by AMG-arts
Fun Irish language brown paper parcel with red ribbon bow Card by Paperpennies

L-R, top to bottom
Citrine Dragonfly Earrings by Silkstone Designs
Freshly caught fairy by Faerytopia
Cosmic Collection Orbital by Ojeejewellery

L-R, top to bottom
Sheep blanket by Fishcrafts
Pearly Stone Necklace by Neadie
by VictorDesign

Gorgeous stuff. Welcome to the team!


  1. Hi everyone,

    Welcome - I've already dropped a few hearts in some of your shops & looking forward to checking the rest of them later.

  2. Welcome everybody - have fun and sell loads! The title made me laugh - a bit of a frankie fan are you Alex???

  3. Welcome all new members. Especially, welcome the Queen of Fairies, whom I recognise from our local market and LolaRose ;o)
    Great you could join us.

  4. I have to say Frankie were a bit of a hit in my teenage years. In my juvenile naivety I didn't understand at the time what 'Relax' was all about .... the innocence of youth!

  5. would you believe I only found out the 'real' meaning of Relax only recently after listening to it on today fm...*blush* no need to be young to be naive :)
    anyhow, well done to our new members, love the earrings!

  6. Welcome - I shall stop by later and go heart crazy! :)

  7. hey guys its great to be part of the team !!!
    I've been busy hearting other members of the team, spread the love !!!

  8. Welcome to all the great new members, heart were flying all about the place when I was checking these shops out!

    Is anyone else having trouble leaving a comment if they are on firefox, that's the second time i thought i commented and nothing has shown up! Annoying

  9. Oh have to go and check out all the other new shops featured today! For a second there didn't even cop my own lol