Thursday 18 February 2010

Some of Dandelion Daydreamer's Favourite Illustrators

Hi everyone, Sorcha here from Dandelion Daydreamer. Sorry this post is a little late in the day, my electricity was cut for 2 days (you gotta love French administration!) For this week's post, I thought I might introduce you to a few of my favourite illustrators. Be warned though, hide those credit cards and be prepared to lose an hour of your life as you browse their enticing shops!

 First up we have a big favourite of mine, Catherine Campbell. Expect to be blissfully enchanted by girls in tea-cups with wise owls perched on their wind-swept hair, beautiful mosaic style collages and pretty sirens of the sea calling out to long lost sailors. Gorgeous!

Rob Ryan is the mister of romance, never before have I yearned so much to own an original piece by an artist! His work varies between intricate paper cuttings and 2D stylised screen-prints. Like an infinite love story, his body of work heralds all things romantic and sweet. The dress above is a piece which made the cover of Vogue. If you are going to buy one thing of Rob's, I recommend his book, "This Is For You", probably the most delicious coffee table book ever to have been created.
I love Leigh Viner! I recently had her on for an artist interview on Dandelion Daydreamer. I have an art giveaway every Tuesday and never before have I seen such a reaction to a giveaway! Leigh's illustrations evoke a sense of sensual feminity, they sweep you into a world of tender fleeting moments where contemporaory fine art meets fabulous fashion illustration. I love the brave brush strokes, the melange of mediums - light and airy pencil meets dark broody acrylic and they hit it off! Most of all I favour the forgotten watercolour droplets carving their own paths on the canvas.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite illustrators! Feel free to pop over to Dandelion Daydreamer to meet some more of my cherished ones  :)

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  1. Drool, Drool, Drool!!! My first love was drawing/illustration. I totally love Leigh Viners shop, I've been really tempted to buy that first pic of hers a few times. I might just be tempted soon, now that you've reminded me of her shop. Her use of line is exquisite