Tuesday 16 February 2010

Paddy's Day Ideas...and Etsy Chat

Image: Tanya Bond- Paddy The Rat Drinking Guinness in a quiet pub
Hi everyone it's Ruth here again, I just wanted to give you a brief run down about what was talked about at the 'chat' last Wednesday night. Firstly thanks to those who made it, it was lots of fun getting to know you all better.

-Firstly we talked about making the 'chat' on Etsy a more regular thing, so people would know when it's on, and join in if they were free. We talked about having it either weekly/forthnightly on a Sunday night at 8pm. But that would depend on the feedback we get from you guys...so leave comment here if you are interested.

-We discussed local markets and fairs, so if there is a market in your locality could you leave a comment here with some details, as it's very hard to get a comprehensive guide, so we thought you guys might have some tips.

-Trust the Irish! We discovered that the chatroom is sensored and that you can't curse there, typical!!, but very fun to play with, I highly recommend it. Although it did turn us into compulsive potty mouths!

-Obviously Paddys Day was discussed. Etsy have said that they will be promoting this holiday, and seeing as we are the Irish team we want to make a huge effort with it. So the plan of action is:

-Treasuries-if you can nab one, do so, not every single one has to be Paddys day themed but a large percentage should get us noticed.

-Tag all your Paddys items under holidays(as discussed in the post below this one)

-Make lots of Paddys day items and get them listed as early as possible, as the American market is the one that will mostly be buying you need to allow time for shipping etc.

-We would like to do a giveaway as part of the Paddys Day promotion, so if any of you have small items that you could donate for the prize please get in contact with me and I'll give you details for postage etc.

-Myself and Alex have talked about the team doing a treasure hunt for this prize. Including hidden messages in peoples shops. This means people will have to search through all our shops to find the clues to win the prize. I will need 13 shops for this so if you are interested please leave a comment on this post and I'll pick some at random. I'll explain how it works exactly if you are one of the chosen shops. Either way everyone will get increased traffic because all shops will have to be searched.

-If anyone has any more suggestions for Paddys Day, let myself or Alex know and we'll try to work it into 'the grand plan' to paint Etsy green.


  1. I love that Guiness drinking rat! Must pass this on to my husband.

  2. Hey Ruth - 8pm on a SUnday when I usually have the monday blues sounds great for chat!! I'd be happy to donate a set of cards maybe a pack of 8 or something for a prize!! as for markets - wouldn't it be great to get into the farmers market in UL more than once a year? - or maybe they could host an indoor craft fair - I know they did at Christmas! :)

  3. Oh cool! I'd love to donate something! I'm working on some shamrock hairbands at the mo if you'd like one? Also, love the idea of the treasure hunt too - I'm all into that idea!

    Will be setting my clock for the next chat Sundays at 8 would be great! :)

  4. btw... i snagged a treasury!


  5. Sunday's chat sounds great! I would like to donate some green jewellery!

    Looking forward to seeing your shamrock hairbands Tanya!

  6. I would love for chat to be a regular team thing. I'll just make a note somewhere really obvious next time so I don't forget. :P

    And I would love to donate some little beaded shamrock earrings, I'll convo you now Ruth!

    AND I would love to take part in the treasure hunt! Just let me know what I need to do. :)

  7. Sundays chat sounds excellent, i would also like to donate something and my shop is available too to hide clues.... All great xxx

  8. Me too, on all counts! Sunday would be a good night to relax and chat :) And count me in for a donation of a green button ring for the prize, and I'd love to be involved with the treasure hunt too. You girls are great for ideas! x

  9. Hi!! This all sounds excellent!!! I'll try to come up with some Green Theme Paddy's day items!! Count me in for the treasure hunt too!!

    I would love to donate something also, not sure what yet but it's a definite YES!!

  10. regular chat sound excellent! Just to remind people that we also have the yahoo group set up, for that purpose exactly ;o) and we're not using it very often.

  11. Great!!! What a fantastic response. I'll wait a few more days, and then I'll start sorting out the treasure hunt.
    I'll be in touch with all of you who offered to give something for the draw, thanks ladies, and I'll chat to you all on Sunday!!

  12. TanyaMac how on earth did you get a treasury!!....any time i try the list is always in the 400's!! :( Well Done! :)

  13. Wow! How cool is that! I am definitely up for a weekly or fortnightly chat, although I have never made it to a chat, but hopefully talk to you all this Sunday:)

    I would love to participate in the treasure hunt and I can donate these green earrings as I do not really have anything closely related to Paddy's day, just some green items :)

    About the markets, I am looking into a possibility to participate in a market at the moment myself. As far as I know Fermoy Sunday Market is pretty good, many people go there, they let not only food sellers and even have Sundays when they let car boot traders go in for free. I don't have any contacts tho:(

  14. Hey, I think a Sunday night chat would be great,
    so count me in!Its a good idea to get everyone motivated for the week ahead.I'm looking forward to chatting to you all.

    I'll keep an eye out for other markets also. I want to set up a stall too, so if anyone knows of any please please share ;-)

  15. Definately good ideas raised, count me in!

  16. Wonderful work as always ladies! Were finishing up some St. Paddy's themed knits which I hope to list asap!
    I'm also happy to donate something and take part in the treasure hunt if you need more takers...

  17. Counct me in for the treasure hunt! And I will think of something to donate, too.

    Unfortunately, I can't do most Sunday evenings, unless you are still in chat after 10pm! Then I will be joining you :)

  18. yeah, i'm in for treasure hunt too! and i'll donate to the giveaway!
    looking forward to another chat night soon!

    Purlsofcolour maybe we can just swear at each other on a wednesday night or something?!

    Hey everyone, I;m driving down to waterford from belfast tomorrow, I'll wave to you all as I drive past!

  19. Had a right laugh at the last chat maybe it doesn't have to be an early chat, although we did go on for a while the last day - can't imagine it being shorter with more people.

  20. Oh yeah I'm up for the treasure hunt too if you still need more shops.
    Was thinking too - does the Patrick's Day promotion have to have a Patrick's Day themed prize coz I would like to donate & was thinking of some cards but I only do the basics so far: birthday, thanks etc.

  21. Hi there
    hoping to be able to take part in the chat this eveing. Can offer a pair of green fingerless mittens (with red detail) for a prize and would love to take part in the treasure hunt if you need any further people.

  22. I can give away a green cuff from lilgreenship ... will we be shipping everything to one team member to post off?

    If you need another shop for the Treasure hunt either this one or lilgreen is available.

    Need to go see what the holiday tag is so I know what to add to celtic prints.