Tuesday 16 February 2010

Clickety click - let's get the St Patricks ball rolling!

Ooakie has done it again and got the spirit of St Patrick's Day underway ... another beautiful treasury to get the green theme going. Loads of delights to click so have a peek at them all and leave some love in the comments!

How about we try and flood the St Patrick's category on the Etsy site with some home-grown goodness ... if you have St Patrick's items or even just some fab green things make sure you list them:
- with Holidays as the top level category
- then use st patricks as one of your other tags
- and of course make sure it's tagged with craftyirelandteam too!

It won't go into the category unless it's tagged Holidays as the first level. So you'll need to use your normal category eg jewellery, paper goods, knitting etc as one of your other tags.

Thanks Ooakie for hanging out with the Treasury Clock!


  1. oh good tip about the tagging Alex! Last year hardly any authentic irish items were featured in the storque. Lets overwhelm those etsy folk with Irish pride! ;)

  2. I just have to say that I've found that Treasury Clock to be a bit of a liar. Can jump from nearly an hour left to full treasury in a split second. AARRRRGGGGGGH

  3. lovely treasury!
    and thanks for the tip about the tagging! i just retagged this:

  4. Great treasury! Everything looks beautiful... oh and thank you for the tagging tip too :)

  5. I would never have thought to tag first as holidays! Nice detective work sussing that out.