Monday 16 November 2009

New shop listing menu

Hello crafty souls, in an attempt to make shopping with us all easier, I've categorised all the shops in the drop down listing over on the right, under the SHOP DIRECTORY heading. I've broadly used the Etsy site categories, with some modifications.

As I was going through all your shops (and they are all just wonderful ... so many beautiful things!) I've realised that lots of you don't fit neatly into just one category. Some of you do a mixture of things but I have tried to slot you in initially as best as I could.

To make if fair on everyone, I suggest that everyone's shop can appear in up to 2 categories in the listing ... so if you would like to be added in somewhere else in the listing please convo me (propeller) via Etsy and I will adjust accordingly.

I will apologise in advance if I have accidentally deleted anyone or totally misrepresented you! And of course if anyone finds bugs or gremlins let me know.

I am now slightly dazed from looking at so many shops so need a cuppa.



  1. Well done Alex! This makes it so much easier to shop with us! Well done ;)* Tx ♥

  2. Great work - thanks for doing this.

  3. Drop down menu works great! Brilliant idea, and very organised. Great to have the heading. Nice work Alex!