Monday 16 November 2009

introducing by aisling

hello crafty ireland, my name is aisling, from by aisling designs


So hears a bit about my background and what inspires me

I am a Dublin girl born and bread, with a few drops of Cork blood which meant I got to spend my childhood summers on my grandfathers farm in North Cork.
I am an incurable romantic, I buy too many books and I problem love my basset hound Winston too much, but he’s just too cute!

the sweet shop inspired braclet

So, anyhow when I graduated from university in 2008, I was left wondering what area I would like to work in. I had studied sociology. I have always been passionate about fashion and as I child I was craft mad. So I set about rediscovering my passion for making things. Design and making jewellery gives me a great outlet to express myself and to enter a world of vibrant colours and textures.My inspiration comes from high fashion both past and present, I love the passion behind the couture shows and spent many happy hours milling through fashion coffee table books and old copies of Vogue. I also draw on areas I have traveled. Be it the hot and cultured orange groves of the Moorish city of Seville. Or the vivid whites and sea blues that fill my memery of a summer spent island hopping in Greece, drinking cheep Ouzo and visiting hidden monisterys.Nature is always a constant and often surprising source of inspiration. My first collection has a soft, romantic feel to it and was inspired by long mid-summer’s days. However For my fall/ winter collection I am going to be designing a slightly naughty, decadent collection. Working with stronger colours to create a rich and heavy feel to reflect the changing seasons

Well, thanks for reading a bit about me you can also check out my blog at
or join me on face book at ‘by aisling, fashion inspired designer jewellery’

Here comes trouble!

My supportive friend’s

midsummer collection


  1. Lovely stuff Aisling! Your sweet shop bracelet is delicious.

  2. thanx for sharing Aisling! nice pooch! :)

  3. Lovely items Aisling.... Your friends look like they are enjoying themselves... I have to check my friends necks, wrists and fingers before they leave my house.... We laugh about it xx

  4. oh my!..i really want that watch! it:)

  5. hello aisling, great jewelry collection!
    i love your watch! ♥

  6. thanks aisling! love that photo with your friends, you gotta love supportive friends!

  7. have just uploaded two more watches to my etsy shop, here is the link and thanks for all the lovely messages xxx