Tuesday, 24 November 2009

How to Tuesday: Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

 Snowflake display by www.tanyamac.etsy.com

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You will need : : 
  • 6 evenly sized squares of paper - preferably white, for the colour of snowflakes; printer paper is fine, or try drawing pad paper. The size of your paper square can vary from 4" to 10" (10cm - 25cm). The paper should be of a good strength to hold up the snowflake structure.

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Stapler   

Steps  : :
  1. Fold each of the 6 pieces of paper in half, diagonally. If the paper you're using doesn't make a perfect triangle, cut off the edge that sticks out (rectangular edge) and make it align perfectly.

  2. Cut 3 lines each side of the triangle from the folded edge making sure not to cut through the unfolded paper edges. The cut lines should be parallel to one another each side and come close to meeting in the middle but not touch; leave a small space between them. To make this easier, you can fold the triangle in half. This way you'll cut both sides at once, making a very symmetrical snowflake. This might not be suitable for thicker paper, since the number of layers makes it difficult to cut through.


  3. Unfold your paper and turn it so that the diamond shape is facing you for working with.


  4. Still keeping your paper diamond side-up, roll the first two innermost paper lines together to form a tube. Tape these two pieces together. You should see triangle shapes on each side of the roll.


  5. Turn the diamond over to the other side. Take the next two paper lines and pull them together on the opposite side of the tube and tape together as before. This will be a more rounded shape and wider than the first tube.


  6. Keep turning the paper and joining the paper lines together on opposite side until all paper lines have been joined.

  7. Repeat this process (steps 3 - 7) with the remaining 5 pieces of paper.

  8. Join 3 of the completed rolled pieces together at one end (draw together with your fingertips) and staple together using the other hand. Do the other 3 pieces the same way. Now you will have 2 pieces consisting of 3 strands or "arms" each.

  9. Staple the two new pieces together in the middle. You will almost have the snowflake shape by now.

  10. Staple where each of the 6 arms meet. This ensures that the snowflake shape is pulled into place. See illustration at top for the finished snowflake.

    * Step by Step Video * 

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    Acknowledgment: Thanks to LizMarie's Make a Snowflake photos on Flickr for the majority of the photos displayed here & for additional ideas for improving the instructions.

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  1. thanks tanya! this is super duper! at the blackrock craft fair this past weekend, they had decorated the ceiling with a whole bunch of these and they looked fab! what a nifty idea for christmas on the cheap!

  2. Excellent!! Can't wait to make some, they're so pretty!!

  3. Oh, these are fantastic! What a great idea for a how-to tutorial! I used to make these with my class (and they're 11), but I had since forgotten how to do the cuts just right. These are easy, fun and beauuuuuuutiful. Well done and thanks for the refresher! xx