Sunday, 22 November 2009

Introducing Sorcha Gillett

Hi there, my name is Sorcha Gillett. I was born in Dublin, in the month of October, making me the typical daydreaming libran that I am :) I now live in the South West of France with my lovely boyfriend, where I design girls surf prints for Rip Curl. In my own precious free time I live to paint and stitch. Mum always says I was a magpie of a child, hoarding all that was bright and shiny and silky and soft. My treasure chest grew with me. It inspired me during the years I spent studying fashion and printed textile design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. After graduating it supplied me with the materials I needed while working as a freelance illustrator and handbag designer in both Dublin and France. Now it forms the basis for my first collection of one-off art pieces. My unique style incorporates transient inks, powdery acrylics and the gems, crystals, vintage leathers and antique lace I have accumulated over the years. Inspired by the animated beauty of wildflowers, I have threaded these elements together to capture the precious moments in a young girls life that mark the beginning of the end of girlhood. Please click on the movie window below to see a painting come to life from stitch to finish, turn it up loud, the song is the best part ;)

Now let me introduce some of the ladies! All the ladies delicate features have been hand-stitched in embroidery thread, their hair is appliqued leather and their backgrounds and flower detailing are antique fabrics from my treasure chest. All my ladies come in purse friendly prints, which are available in my etsy shop. And now especially in time for Christmas gifts, my prints have a buy 2 get a 3rd of your choice for free deal! Visit my website to see more lovely ladies.









Conor Kissed Chloe

Fall's First Kiss

And now here's a little surprise... if you would like to win a print of your choice from my shop then pop over to my Dandelion Daydreamer blog, click follow this blog, or click add on the facebook link and then comment here and let me know what lucky lady you would like for your home sweet home. Thanks for looking everyone :)


  1. falls first kiss:) it...i have already ben following your blog:)

  2. hi again over here!! I would be more than delighted to give any of them a home! x

  3. Hi all at Etsy Ireland,
    Sorcha your work is amazing, so pretty, girly and elaborate.I have looked at your Etsy shop a few times and adored every single lady so it's difficult to pick a favourite, but as I love blue and sparkles it gotta be Clementine. It's great to have such creative people from Ireland.

    All things nice...

  4. lovely all around, but Fall's First Kiss is very us :)

  5. Thanx a million Sorcha - brilliant article! I love the video too (and the tune) its like magic happening before your eyes - just wonderful to see all those lovely layers of details that go into your Clementine... ;)

    Goodbye is so tender & sweet and my favourite of that lovely bunch! I'm a follower of your blog already but will hook myself up at FB too ;)*

  6. thanks for that sorcha! i loved seeing how you create your pictures, it's wonderful to see basic materials become a totally amazing creation! thanks for your inspiration!

  7. wow! awesome video, you are a brilliant artist!
    i'm loving Fall's first kiss as well. ^.^

  8. Well done Sorcha! Love your blog, and loving your beautiful ladies! They all have such strong personalities! My favourites have to be Clementine, because she looks so glamorous, and Thumbelina in the poppies, because she looks like she is dreaming of someone wonderful! Im definately hooked, and I cant resist buying her. I hope you still have the original Thumbelina! x

  9. Hi everyone thanks for all your lovely comments here and on my own blog :) I popped all your names in a hat and Unepoupee came out trumps :) Thank you all for entering, I have giveaway tuesday every week on my blog, tomor it is a very special one from an amazing illustrator :) x