Thursday, 15 May 2014

Giro d'Italia, Welcome to Ireland. Getting to Know You #32

The Giro d'Italia cycling race commenced on the island of Ireland last Friday so why not put a creative spin on it?

In honour of the event, this month's Getting to Know You  spot is shared with Etsy Italia Team. This is where Etsy Ireland welcomes another team with a 50-50 shared treasury and a feature, here on our blog. Buongiorno Italia! Welcome to Ireland and of course, best of luck to all the cyclists too!
Necklace made using inner tube of a bike wheel, by Nokike, Etsy Italia
I can't think of a better way to introduce our Italian friends than a necklace made from re-used bike tubes by Nokike. Now that gives a whole new meaning to the term 'recycling.'

Etsy Italia is a large and ever-growing team of Etsy sellers who are either Italian or residing in the beautiful country of Italy. To apply you are required to be an Italian speaker. The team was set up in 2009 and since then has flourished to over 3500 members. Hardly surprising that they have a whopping 14 team leaders! Their purpose is to support one another and share tips and ideas for improving and growing their shops.
Bicycle brooch or boutonniere, by Madrab, Etsy Italia
I love the strapline on Etsy Italia team blog, 'Beauty is Handmade.'  On their blog you will find team information, promotions, tutorials etc. You can also find them in the usual hangouts:
Etsyitaliateam pinback badge

You  can find their members' goods on Etsy by using the search tag etsyitaliateam. Most interestingly, they also have their own merchandising store, stocked by their members. Earnings go towards funding the team's activities.
Giro d'Italia greeting card by Belfast Times, Etsy Ireland team
As the race kicked off in Belfast, it is fitting to introduce our team with a Giro d'Italia greeting card by Northern Ireland artist, Jeff of Belfast Times.
Children's activity cycle trail (hard copy) by Get Out, Find Out, Etsy Ireland.
Etsy Ireland is a team of over 1000 artists, designers, crafts persons and vintage goods or craft supply sellers, who are Irish or live in Ireland. We aim to build a stronger craft community in Ireland and to share selling and crafting tips, promote our team and support each other. As well as on this blog we are found here:

Etsy Ireland on Facebook
Etsy Ireland on Twitter
Esty Ireland on Pinterest

You can search for our goods on Etsy with the tag craftyirelandteam.

 Enjoy the treasury shared in tandem with our Italian colleagues:

A special thank you is due to Rosalba of Dream Up Graphic. As soon as she received word that her pre-made logo was featured in our 50-50 treasury, she immediately set off to reciprocate the favour:
Giro D'Italia - Thanks Ireland by Rosalba of Dream Up Graphic, Etsy Italia

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