Thursday, 17 April 2014

Getting to Know You #31, in the Garden

Come into the garden, do!

For this month's Getting to Know You spot, Etsy Ireland team would like to give a warm welcome to the Gardens of Etsy team. This feature is where we introduce our guests with a 50-50 shared treasury and a short blog post.
Love birds garden art by G. Vega  of  Gardens of Etsy team
Gardens of Etsy are an international team, heading towards 650 members all of whom share an interest in or are inspired by nature, plants and/or gardening.
Miniature garden terrarium kit by Inside the Glass, Gardens of Etsy team
In their own, poetic words 'Gardening is an art form all it's own, sculpting the earth as we go. Creating a sanctuary to calm our spirit and rejuvenate our soul. We fill our gardens with not only plants and love but enhance them with our arts and crafts. We bring the outdoors in by filling our homes with our nature inspired works of art'.  

I too feel inspired to wire up some wind chimes after reading that. You could say they've given me the seed of an idea.

Find some of their members' beautiful items on Etsy by using the tag gardensofetsyteam or in this list of team faves. Maybe you will be inspired to purchase something lovingly made to use in your own green space. Click HERE for their blog (but don't forget to come back to us!)
painted, distressed herb planter by Jaunty Stuff, Etsy Ireland team.
Etsy Ireland team would like to welcome Gardens of Etsy to our virtual 'garden party.' We are a team of over 1000 artists, craftspeople, craft suppliers and sellers of vintage who are either from or reside in Ireland. You can find our items using the tag craftyirelandteam. As well as this blog we are found here on Twitter and Facebook.
Celtic ceramic toadstools by Rosin Gregory Designs, Etsy Ireland team
So enjoy the lawn party. May your shops all blossom and thrive!

'County Garden', 50-50 cross team treasury by Handmade by Amo'r.


  1. This is such a lovely tribute to our team! Thank you Anne Marie and the Etsy Ireland Team for featuring us, it is truly appreciated! Happy Spring and Happy Gardening to all :)
    Julie, Captain of The Gardens of Etsy Team

  2. Thanks AnneMarie - a beautiful treasury - items are in a now not so secret garden !
    Big hello to The Gardens of Etsy - had great fun digging up lovely items !!!!!

  3. You're welcome. Hello Gardens of Etsy!

  4. Thank you Anne-Marie! This is wonderful!

  5. Lovely post AM - I love gardens, not great at gardening but love them all the same - Off to check out the treasury now :)

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