Thursday, 13 March 2014

Getting to Know You #30, Ireland says Thank You

What have the Choctaw Nation, Germany and an Irish American lady got in common? The answer lies in the fibre of this month's Getting to Know You treasury.

'Ireland says Thank You to our Friends' by byAMOR

This month, Etsy Ireland Team shares our Getting to Know You spot with Auld Irish Artisans, UK & Ireland Team plus special friends who have helped us this year. See our blog Thursday 13th to find out more ...

Keep Calm - I Can't Keep...

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Child's Winter Cap

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Hand Polished Dalmation Jasp...

Victor the Frog - fabric toy...

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1998 Irish 50 Pence Coin Bir...

In honour of St Patrick's Day, this month's Getting to Know You spot is dedicated to some of those who have acknowledged and supported our team alongside two teams that also host many of our members; The UK & Ireland Seller Support team and Auld Irish Artisans team. This is a thank you to you  all from Etsy Ireland team.

Here is the breakdown of who our featured guests are and why they were chosen to share this treasury...
artdecoratif  Charmecharmant
Martina and Regina 

Let's go back to one crazy weekend last summer and the hugely successful treasury blitz with our German friends, Promo Team De. Over two days, between us we produced more than 200 shared treasuries. Martina of Art Decoratif was the driving force behind the German efforts. Regina of CharmeCharming was proclaimed challenge Champion not only for participating but for tirelessly clicking, sharing and commenting on as many treasuries as she could. (Lets not forget our own Champion, Petra, who turned out a whopping 35 treasuries!)
Lynn Corrigan of Lynn's Creative Crochet has to be one of the most prolific treasury makers on Etsy. This warm and friendly Irish American lady is a great promoter of Etsy shops around the globe churning out list after beautiful list. I'm personally grateful for being included regularly. I often spot fellow team members in the mix. Thanks Lynn!
Many of our team are also members of Etsy's Uk & Ireland Seller Support Team. If you are not, it may be worth considering. This huge team, almost 5000 members strong, is there for Etsy shop owners located in the UK and Ireland. It provides a space for us to exchange information and help each other out, while avoiding self promotion. Find the team on Facebook HERE and you can sign up to the team newsletter.
Paula and Nuala
Representing their team, we have included Paula of Altered Eras, who is based in  England and is a team leader. And please say hello to Nuala of Little India Holistics in Belfast.
In January we said hello to the Australian Wandarrah team.  Our greeting was returned to us with a gorgeous treasury by their member Little Grey Mouse. It is not often that our Getting to Know You treasuries are reciprocated and it was much appreciated. If any of you know of any other payback treasuries to our team do please mention them in comments.
At this time of year it is nice to give a nod to the Irish diaspora, including the Auld Irish Artisans on Etsy. Many of our team are also in this growing group. This team welcomes Irish and non-Irish Etsy people who love Ireland and all things Irish. Well, you can't go wrong with that ;-). You can also find them on Flicker.
Kate and Meagan
Representing this team, we have Kate of Bridget Fainne, one of the team leaders and Meagan of Dusty Shamrock Studio (She's the one who can't keep calm because she's Irish and sure, would you blame her? Neither can we, we're so excited it's nearly Paddy's Day!)
This brings me to our last, unusual guest and that is Grace of Black Bears Bazaar. I say unusual as I included her just for one treasury, True Irish Treasures, sent to us from across the pond. Or rather, it was because of her story and our shared heritage. Grace has Irish blood in her veins but also is Choctaw. She reminded me of the link between her ancestors and ours. I thought it a heart warming story to end this article.

During the Great Irish Famine  (1845-50,) the Choctaw Nation, who are known for their generosity and commitment to helping others, heard of our plight - or better said, blight 

Though they did not have great wealth, in 1847 the Choctaw people of Oklahoma took up a collection to help the starving Irish millions of miles away. The (then) grand sum of $170 was sent on to the US Famine Relief organisation for our fore-bearers' benefit. This was one of the most significant single donations made to the relief fund.
The dancers with Lord Mayor of Dublin Naoise Ó Muirí
In 1992 a plaque dedicated to the Choctaw Nation was unveiled at the Mansion House, Dublin. Scroll down through this link from the Mansion House to see the plaque.

Again, thank you to all who have supported Etsy Ireland team in any way to date. May I wish a Happy St Patrick's Day to all of you, wherever you are in the world! 


  1. Thank you very much. It's a honor to be in this treasury and in this great report!!!!
    Warm regards from Germany....viele liebe Grüße von Deutschland

  2. Halito (Hello in Choctaw) Ireland :)

    Yakoke (Thank You) Anne-Marie for this wonderful honor. It was a true joy to create a treasury that featured several wonderful artisans from the Emerald Isles awhile back, and it was a true blessing to be featured in this beautiful collection of yours. To be featured in your wonderful blog is something I will treasure forever.

    An early Happy St. Patrick's Day to all :)
    Peace and Blessings,
    Grace Blackbear

  3. Great blog. Thanks for featuring our sister Grace!

  4. Fantastic treasury and very informative post Anne-Marie. It's lovely to get to meet all of you and get to know you and your work. The Etsy Ireland Team says a big Hello! to you all.

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  6. Lovely article, what a busy year!!
    You give us such a sense of the whole crafting community out there, working together.

    1. ah yes, I couldn't quite put my finger on what I found when compiling this, but you have hit the nail on the head Catherine - a sense of community, and that is what Etsy is all about.

  7. Wonderful article and beautiful treasury! It was great to know more about the team members featured. :)

  8. Great post AM - It was lovely to see the people behind the beautiful treasury :)

  9. Another great article Anne-Marie.....

  10. Great to see the many links established by our team, an Irish welcome to one and all, thanks for all you do x

  11. Great Treasury, looking forward to checking out the UK and Ireland Sellers team.