Friday, 7 February 2014

Get Training - Affordable courses from €10

Training is key to business confidence

This week I will be taking part in a 1 day business course with the Tolka partnership. The introduction to the basics of self employment course for €10 covers:

  • Book Keeping and Taxation 
  • Business Structures 
  • Managing Your Business 
  • Sales and Marketing Tips for the S.M.E.

Previously I have done training courses with the Dublin City Enterprise board for around €15 a day covering Social Media and marketing. The learnings from these courses were invaluable. There are many benefits to attending these courses over finding random information over the internet.

Benefits of local courses:
  • Affordable - Many courses are available for under €40 (some are even free),
  • Interactive - you are encouraged to ask questions,
  • Applicable - Teachings are based on Irish business requirements,
  • Flexibility - there are many dates to choose from,
  • Short - Most courses are only 4-8 hours,
  • Specific - you can find a lot of niche courses.

For me, I'm not confident that my accounts are being maintained properly, so I really want to take a course that will lay everything out clearly for me and answer my questions on the 'minimum standard'. So the introduction to business is the perfect course for me.

I find a lot of crafters also have many questions in various areas across the business, so a local course might be a good option to help teach and therefore provide business confidence.

Check out these options for courses:
  • Dublin City Enterprise -
  • Craft Council of Ireland -
  • Tolka Partnership - visit the office to check out their range of courses
1-2- Mentoring is also available with the above. 

Have you done any short courses? If so with who and would you recommend them? I would like to add more to the above list.


  1. Hi, I've done a start your own business course and a bookkeeping one with the Carlow Enterprise board. Both very good, also did a pricing, exporting and photography ones, joint with the ccoi and EB! Would recommend the syob course for an overview but you need a longer one for bookkeeping. Recommend people check their local county enterprise boards. Even if your county doesn't run them they can get you a space on your neighbouring county ones. I've learnt something on every course, it all helps!

  2. Thanks Shen,

    Not an area I even considered a course in, but it makes perfect sense. I can craft - it's everything else I need to learn about! :)

  3. Thanks for the feedback. @Letizia, I felt the same way. I was happy with my crafting, but was unsure about the business side, the courses available from our county enterprise boards are great!

    @LollipopsDaydreams I will look to see what other courses are available for the book keeping. The SYOB course got postphoned last minute so I've yet to attend. I did an accounting course before, but it was so many moons ago, I desperately need a refresher.

  4. This training is also a way for people who support the small business community to get some knowledge and experience. Also, offered new skills to help grow your business and the flexibility to learn what you want, when you wan and a free interactive business planning too. Thanks.