Monday, 6 January 2014

Designer Profiles 2014

Hi there and Happy New Year to one and all.
Mug rug by Patchworkdelights with egg cosies by /HuggleKnits
Welcome to the monthly article highlighting some of the amazing designers at work here on the Etsy Ireland team.  Each month I hope to introduce you to one or more people at work in a particular field of crafting - maximum of 5 in each area.
Doggy soap from  Cloud9HandmadeSOAP
Over the last year we met some amazing crafters from many parts of the country, both north and south, and were shown some of their amazing creations.  
Doing a Downton from  QueenofCuffs
We also learned how they started on their crafting path and what inspired them.  
Warm and Wollie from  SelkieCrochet

Here is the Calendar of Monthly Designer topics for the coming year.

February   - Jewellery
March        - Toy-making and baby clothes
April           - Vintage
May            - Paper craft 
June          - Textiles incl Weaving and Spinning
July            - Woodwork and Rushwork
August       - Sewing incl Patchwork
September - Knitting and Crochet
October     - Other Crafts
November - Christmas Crafts
December -  To be decided

If you are involved in any of these crafting areas and would like to be included please contact me at my shop huggleknits.  I would also like to include anyone who makes or has supplies for these crafts to be included so do let me know what you have and how we can contact you.

This is now down to you - if I dont hear from you, you wont be included so do get in touch.   And remember there is a limit of 5 being showcased in each area so get your name in soon to avoid disappointment.  Lets show the world what great designers we have in the Etsy Ireland Team.

Cheers for now



  1. well done Mo & thanks for all your posts to date

  2. Thanks Mo, I am looking forward to finding out more about our designers!

  3. Looking forward to all the profiles Mo :)