Saturday 3 August 2013

The Weekend Chill Out Post

Us creative folk need to unplug now and again. We need to recharge the batteries so that we can return, refreshed, full to the brim with new awe-inspiring ideas and ready to rock the handmade world once more. 

To others, it may seem fulfilling and all round amaze-balls to live a crafty lifestyle (indeed, it is!) but often, we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to churn out amazing pieces of work, one after the other. When this happens we need inspiration in all its glorious shapes and forms. We need to watch videos of cats, monkeys and bunnies falling on their backsides. We need to drown in great music, watch repeats of our favourite TV episodes, read a book, talk a walk and just chill out.

And, with this I introduce to you, the 'Weekend Chill Out Post'. One single, weekly blog post dedicated to helping you unwind, if only for a short time from your crafty world. It's created with you, the handmade creator in mind and will (hopefully) bring you buckets of inspiration for your next great project.

Lets get cracking!

Feel like life ain't working out the way you had hoped! Don't worry, here's a list of thirty somethings in made it later in life!

What's your thing?, some great advice which rang home with me....alot!

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