Thursday, 1 August 2013

Craft Room Crushes - Thanks Pinterest!

Materials everywhere, glue gun sticking to everyone and every thing, pieces of fabric found in every corner of the house and you haven't worn clean clothes in days. We've all been there, locked away in our lovely craft room for hours and days on end, completing orders only to realize that suddenly, it looks like a disaster zone with no hope of it ever recovering!

Never fear. With oodles of craft room and storage inspiration available in the form of Pinterest, you are bound to spot something that will make your life alot easier, and even if you're not in need of some craft room help, I never cease to get bored by looking at these images and wishing for a similar space to work in, if anything they're often a source of inspiration.

I'm literally drooling over that ribbon holder and I need it in my life! Santa if you're listening! Or you could get your DIY head on and try some of these nifty techniques below.

There are no words for the next clever idea, its beautiful, practical and what about that awesome turquoise colour. Whats not to love. If you're lucky enough to have the space to convert a walk in wardrobe, this could be a possibility for you.

For the button hoarder in you! Never lose a button again. This is a mighty use of space which you normally might not think of to use. I also wouldn't mind getting my hands on that handy contraption right underneath it!

And finally, some beautiful office spaces, for those of you who work from home full time. Lush, are they not?

Now, go sort your crafty office space out! 
I know you're itching to!


  1. OMG! I want everything here. If you could see my studio you would die at the mess I get into.


  2. I so want that walk in wardrobe workspace! I am drooling like a St Bernard right now...

  3. Great ideas, thanks for inspiring. Would help speed up the progress for sure x

  4. Oh... the day I can organise and fully decorate my sewing room until the end... It's still a work in progress at the moment! these are beautiful!

  5. The images you collected are really nice. The storage items contribute to a well-organised craft room. So what about your own workspace? Were you able to acquire some items you found on those collected images? Anyway, thanks for sharing such an inspiring post.

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