Sunday, 7 July 2013

Blitzing Treasuries to Bitz...a running commentary so far....

Hello World badge / pin - pink and white
Hello World badge, by Mindful Productivity, Ireland

WOW,  GO TEAM! We've really rocked this treasury blitz challenge, together with the German team Promo Team De and it's not over for a few hours to come!! If you've not joined in yet, please come along and take part in the fun! Here's an update so far on how we are doing...Let's start by showing you  the first treasury that kicked it off:

'Ireland meets Germany - a bouquet for you' by PetraShae

Beautiful items from Germany and Ireland

DSLR Camera strap, camerastr...

Silver hoop earrings "f...

baby photo album, childs, wi...

List stand blue

Pink Flower Set, Satin with ...

Crocheted flower lariat

SALE Daisy Button Pendant. C...

Large Heart Shaped Glass Pen...

Cute flower brooch

Pink and White Felt Flower C...

Crochet Flowers in Pink and ...

Real Flower Glass Bead Neckl...

cube magnet

Gerbera, daisy, yellow pink ...

Original abstract acrylic pa...

Surreal flower illustrations...
 The cross team, 50-50 treasury challenge was to take place yesterday and today, but some of us couldn't contain our excitement and started close to midnight on Friday night. Petra of Petra's Creations gave in first and posted this colour explosion of beautiful flowers late on Friday evening.  I have to give Petra a special mention having churned out a steady stream of treasuries all day, each more beautiful than the last. So much so, that in her own words, 'I'm going to turn into a treasury myself....'
A number of us followed suit and in the morning, our German friends took us on and blitzed the daylights out of treasuries...literally. All day long yesterday there was  steady stream of gorgeous lists by both teams.

 It is almost as if we are taking it in relays, depending on our cultural and individual rhythms of the day. Some members have had time to make several. Some have made their very first treasury in order to take part. Well done to all! 

 Having been out during the day and for dinner, I came back around 9pm to discover a whopping 82 treasuries had been made! I wondered would we make it to 100 by midnight GMT.

And at 11.55pm GMT we reached 100 ...actually, 101, but I suspect someone released treasury number 100 from draft format, which buried it somewhere further back and bumped us over the line before we all turned into pumpkins! Thank you whoever that was! 

 I don't know if it was my broadband or the Etsy site undergoing some updates, but things slowed down and pasting, and clicking and commenting became so sluggish I wondered had we actually broken Etsy treasuries!
As I write this at lunchtime, we are at 133!! CLICK HERE FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE LIST

In terms of treasury hotness, as I write there are 3 of the German treasuries on the first page and 3 more on the second page. Our hottest at the minute is by Annarita: 

'Ireland meets Germany: How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning...?' by annamonaldi

... I like mine with a kiss! :)Beautiful items from Germany and Ireland! xx

Guinness Toucan Print Origin...

Rustic egg and toast wooden ...

Wearable Art Irish Breakfast...

Fried egg necklace hand made...

Ring: "A cup of coffee ...

vintage 60s apron vegetables...

Vintage whisk or mechanical ...

Crochet Easter Egg Coasters....

Ring of freshwater pearls

Mid Century Salt and Pepper ...

Polymer clay handmade earrin...

Warmer for eggs, egg cozy in...

You're a Good Egg

handpuppet "ROOSTER&quo...

Mo(h)na&Lisa Eierwärmerinne...

Hairpin - ROBIN ON A BRANCH ...
You can help make this crackin' treasury super hot by clicking on the items, commenting and hearting the list. 

Everyone who has taken part has said they are having huge fun. Many of us have noticed a humungous soar in views and hearts on our listings. It's  not too late to join in at any time today just follow the rules and then post your treasury in the assigned thread

C'mon Ireland!


  1. It's certainly been fun!! I'm stuck with just the phone today so it'll be drafts I made yesterday that I post but there will be a last minute flurry of treasuries when I get to the computer this evening!

  2. Come on Etsy Ireland Ireland. Fantastic work. Lovely items. OMG! Wanna buy everything!

    Hello to our German friends too.


  3. Greetings to Ireland an many thanks :-)
    Good work!

    Best wishes

  4. Hello Ireland!!

    Petra my dear you are certainly doing a last minute treasury flurry!
    What a weekend, we had so much fun!!!

  5. Hallo Irland,
    vielen Dank für das wunderbare Wochenende.
    Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht. Es war so schön zu sehen, wie viele mitgemacht haben und vor allem wie viele geklickt haben. Da müssen manche Finger wund gewesen sein. Außerdem gab es auch einige nette schriftliche Kontakte.
    Vielen lieben Dank und ganz herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg/ Deutschland
    Sylke von *scatoli*


    I also would like to echo the words of Sylke that was're a top weekend and thanks for the team spirit to all participants

  7. Great work and well done to everyone who took part - Petra, you are an amazing Treasury Maker - and a big round of applause to Anne-Marie who made it all happen - trojan work A-M thanks a mill - it was great to see so many wonderful crafted goodies from both teams. xx