Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer bunting by Alice Halliday!

There is nothing quite like colourful patterned bunting to make your home and garden look beautiful in the summer.

I talked to designer Alice Halliday about how she creates her beautiful bunting.

Based in Skibbereen, West Cork, Alice says "My childhood and the environment in which I grew up strongly influence my work, West Cork is a very magical, Holy place."
"Nature is a huge inspiration to me, and I care strongly about the environment."

Alice uses recycled materials as much as possible, to create unique, high quality ready-to-wear and couture pieces. Her work has been featured on and in the editorials of fashion magazines such as Dark Beauty Magazine, Confetti, Rock and Roll Bride, Stellar, NONE, Vixen, Flawless, Ballad Of and Ireland's Wedding Journal. She was also Cork Fashion Week Designer of The Year 2011.

And how does she create this beautiful bunting?

"I work from home, both in my workroom and in the kitchen (because the dining table is nice and big)
To make the bunting I use my own triangle template, this can be any size you like. Use it to draw around, with tailors chalk, onto the wrong side of the fabric, keeping all edges in line so as not to waste any fabric, and it means less cutting! Cut the pieces out with pinking sheers.

I use a mixture of vintage, vintage inspired and recycled fabrics. I source my fabrics mostly from charity shops, some are just remnants, others were once clothes or household textiles. Sometimes my friends give me fabrics as gifts! 

I can make longer lengths of bunting to order and can use any colours and prints you desire."

All images © Alice Halliday 2013

You can find this lovely bunting on Alice's Etsy page here. For more information you can visit Alice's website and find her on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Oh! Love it! That's one thing to remember when picking up paper plates and cocktail sausages for parties - to get bunting too! Add to the festivities!

  2. So pretty! I love the idea of bunting as home and outdoor decor.