Thursday 13 June 2013

Guest Post- DIY Sea Glass Candle Votives

Continuing on this months theme of Summer DIY, here is a lovely little idea on how to use that beautiful seaglass that you found washed up on the beach ;)

The team is feeling all summery after our ‘holiday’ weather last week. We thought it might be fun to follow up on this months ‘getting to know you’ post (surrounding home décor) with a great little décor tip from Anne-Marie of Handmade by Amor:

Recycling Project. Candle Holder with Small Seaglass Pieces

What do you do with those little tiny pieces of frosted seaglass that wash up on the shore? I have a bunch of them that are way too small for wire wrapped jewellery and ornaments.

The colours are beautiful and it's a shame to waste them.

Most of them are fully frosted so they have probably been tumbling in the sea for decades and it's lovely to be able to recycle them. Here's one very simple idea as to how to display them by making an eye catching candle holder.

As this is a recycling project, I decided to re-use this small, glass, ramekin dish that came with a Marks an Spencer lemon soufflé. (Yummy!) At just over an inch high (c28mm) and slightly more than 3 inches in diameter (c78mm), it is the perfect size for displaying a tea light candle.

First I put the small tea light in the centre of the ramakin. After placing the small seaglass around the candle, I carefully filled the dish with water, falling short of the top of the candle by about half a centimetre.

I’m afraid my lowly photography skills, coupled with dull and dismal light today, did not help me pick up the full beauty of the seaglass glistening in the water. But they remind me a bit of those sugary, jelly sweets small kids love.

The fluted design of the dish throws gorgeous patterns of light. The candlelight picks up some soft colour from the seaglass in the water. Three of them would make great centre pieces along a table. Only two lemon souffles in a pack...I'd best go and get some more so.

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  1. A lovely idea. Let's see what other delicious desserts we can buy as an excuse to get the glass dishes!

  2. wonder if they do tiramisu in this kind of dish....

  3. That’s really creative. Oh! I love that idea. It is an easy DIY project but is very eye catching. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome idea.

  4. How cute are these, love DIY original pieces. I'm all about DIY candle holders at the moment!