Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wood Like To Meet...Getting to Know You #22

 Hi! Anne-Marie of Handmade by Amo'r here with this month's Getting To Know You post.
 The idea is to introduce the Etsy Ireland Team to another Etsy team via a 50-50, cross-team treasury. 
Kuksa - Hand Carved  Birch Wood Drinking Vessel
Handcarved birch wood drinking vessel by The Wood N Stuf, (Etsy Ireland)
I was admiring wood crafted art and wooden items by team members this month so went in search of a team devoted to working with this beautiful material.
Hand Carved Snail Wood for your Home Decore or Gift Idea/driftwood/handmade/gigt for her/gift for him/nature/animal
Hand carved driftwood snail by Driftwood Art, Greece (Wood Art Team)
The Wood Art team boasts 378 members. It is open to artisans who works with this natural resource. Members hail from all over the globe. In fact, I'm pretty sure at least one Irish shop is a member. To join you simply have to work with wood (and have an Etsy store.)
'Wood Like To Meet...' by byAMOR

Etsy Ireland Says Hello to Wood Art Team. Getting to Know You SeriesThis will be feautured on the Etsy Ireland blog on Sunday

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Simple necklace ebo...

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Wooden cufflinks 6 ...


Bead Board Coat Rac...

Small bolson tortoi...

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Art Wood Carving Yo...

iPhone Stand - Bamb...

Wedding Memory Box

Lamp with Salt Shad...

Irish Spinngwheel M...

I knew Ireland was once covered mainly in Oaklands, but I got curious as to what trees are indigenous to Ireland.
4000 year old Irish Bog Oak key chain by Stickman- Hold a piece of ancient history in your hand FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
4000 year-old bog oak keychain by Mayfly Etsy Shop
By the time man settled here about 9000 years ago, much of the land was covered in trees, principally oak in the valleys and lowlands. Mountains and other areas of poor soil were mainly covered with pine with small populations of birch. Alder took another century to really take hold and ash did not become common for a further 2000 years.

Forest Figure- Small landscape
Forest Figure by Grey Sea Studio
Native trees are those which had already taken root before sea levels rose and Ireland became an island. Besides these mentioned, other native trees include willow, hazel and rowan.  After we were separated from Great Britain and mainland Europe by rising oceans, non-native specimens of tree continued to arrive, brought here by seafaring humans.
The Druidess of the Yew Grove - Artist Signed Print
The Druidess of the YewGrove by Eye of a Druidess
Yew once grew very abundantly and seemingly, this was the one much used by carpenters and wood turners through the centuries, especially for domestic vessels. It is apparently, one of the more difficult woods to work with, requiring great skill and fine tools.

Let's wish every success to the Wood Art Team and our own, native carpenters, wood turners and woodworking artisans who keep this ancient craft alive.


  1. Great items showcased. Thank you for including my Bolson tortoise sculpture. I also enjoyed learning about Ireland's native trees, very interesting!

    Francisco Vargas

  2. I love the idea behind the Wood Art team and the gorgeous items in the treasury list! May the forest of Ireland be preserved and with them the ancient tree lore."A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit"(Greek proverb)

    Thank you so much for including my 'Druidess of the Yew Grove.'

    With my best wishes for Wood Art team!

    Alejandra Calle-Cook

  3. Thank you for this beautiful piece on Wood Art, lead by Bristol Woodcraft. Much appreciated!!

  4. Very interesting article and lovely to connect with fellow woodworkers of the Wood Art team. Thanks Anne-Marie