Friday, 15 March 2013

Guest post: Nina from I FEEL CRAFTY

Hi, my name is Nina! With my loving husband and our two children, a dog and two cats we live in County Donegal. I'm a fashion designer and work from my home-based studio. My passion is crafting and everything handmade. More about me here. Or have a look at my Etsy shop 'A Vixen's Magic Den'.

Recently I started a website I FEEL CRAFTY about everything handcrafted.

My aim is to get people inspired and be creative. You can find tutorials and DIY projects about sewing, knitting, crocheting, felting & more. I share my crafty & handmade findings and makings. Maybe you try something new!

The website also introduces small businesses such as Designers, Illustrators & Artists. Some of them give a great inside look in their work (interviews). You may be tempted to start your own business or find helpful tips to improve your work.

My most recent favorite articles:
SEWING: A Girl's Dress

HOPPY Easter Bunnys

Come join the 'I feel crafty' community! Get creative!

Thank you to Nina for this lovely post, I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling inspired after reading these :)! You can read so many more lovely and inspirational posts at I Feel Crafty . Be sure to check out the post on Handmade Retro Weddings- it's all the rage this Spring :)!x

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  1. Good to meet you Nina and will check out the I feel crafty website!. Fi