Monday, 20 August 2012

Wells House and Gardens Craft Area

Hi Everyone
I have been corresponding with Sabine from Wells House and Gardens, regarding a Craft Area that they want to set up. I think it might be a good opportunity for someone, or a couple of friends etc, and the rental seems quite cheap for what you get.
I have attached the replies to the questions I have asked below and if anyone is interested please feel free to contact Sabine directly.

Dear Sue
Wells House & Gardens is a newly opened facility, situated near Gorey in County Wexford, which includes a woodland walkway, Victorian terrace garden picnic areas, archery course, falconry and cafe as well as guided tours of the Tudor-Gothic style historic house. Further information on the house and gardens is available on our website

We have 2 lovely courtyards and I would like to convert these to a craft village. At the weekends there is a pop up crafts area where some local crafts people are displaying and selling crafts.

The plan would be to charge €60 rent for each shop (chalet) per weeks. Interested parties could use them as a workshop as well as retail from them.  The complete chalet/house consists of a sitting room - retail space, kitchen which would be the workshop, and the 2 bedrooms could be used for storage.
If 2 people wished to share the shop area and could each have their own workshop.
There is also the possibility that they could run craft classes in order to create extra income. The courtyards are in 2 square blocks and there are 11 houses altogether.
Each crafts person would staff the shop themselves so for example they could make their jewellery there and sell it from there also. To have Etsy Ireland in here as a team sounds great to me however I don't know how many of your members might be interested.
If the local crafts people were aware of what we were proposing to do they may be interested in coming in at weekends to run a regular craft fair.
Hope this helps and people are very welcome to come and have a look.
Thanking you

Wells House & Gardens
Co Wexford
Tel: 0539186737
Loc8 Code: SQ4-91-L53

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