Sunday, 19 August 2012

Etsy Ireland/Bernard Shaw Craft Fair 27th October Update

Hi Everyone
A bit more info for you about our event at The Bernard Shaw on Saturday 27th October:

  1. John, from The Bernard Shaw, who is doing everything for us is proposing to call it 'The Toejam & Etsy Ireland Minimall'

    If no-one has any objections to this, can I tell him to go ahead with that name?
  2. It will be held at 'The Bernard Shaw' Arts & Crafts venue in Dublin City
  3. We are expecting around 500 people to attend the event between 12pm - 6pm with a lot more people being exposed to the promotion via The Bernard Shaw web channels. The Bernard Shaw is very well known for doing craft markets in Dublin, with a savvy crowd etc.
    You can check out The Bernard Shaw here:
    and here:

  4. Etsy has kindly offered to pay for an 'Etsy Ireland Team' banner and other promo's.
    I therefore need to get some pricings urgently so that they can forward the money, so if anyone knows of a company in Dublin that would be able to make one (professionally - so that we can use it again and again) then please do let me  know.
  5. We will be contacting those of you that expressed an initial interest, over the next week, so that we can verify exact numbers of stalls/volunteers etc, in attendance.
  6. If anyone (including new members) would like to attend and you haven't yet emailed me, please do so here I can't guarantee that you will get in at this stage because we have had a huge response, but I will try and get everyone in.
That is all for now folks, Purls or myself will be in touch over the next week. 

Kind Regards

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