Saturday, 25 August 2012

Opportunity to meet senior Etsy People in Dublin

Hi Everyone

Sue has just received the following (please read below) from Andrew Peterson. If anyone would like to meet up with him and his partner that would be great. He apologises for the short notice, because it is next Monday that he will be there.

If a few of you like close together it would be a great opportunity, and you could give us feedback about the meeting afterwards. We could post items for you to ask him here.

Andrews contact is:

Anyone interested in doing this????  Please comment here or contact Sue via her Etsy shop Amazing Beads

Visiting Dublin

Hi there,
I am sorry for the late notice but I lead etsy's international business with my partner Kruti (our vp of etsy international) and we are going to be in Dublin on Monday and would love to meet up with anyone from your team who is available. We'd love to hear about the challenges you face as sellers from ireland and how we can make etsy better for you.
I was thinking we could buy you all a pint at a bar/pub of your choice on Monday around 5pm. Please let me know if you or anyone from your team is available to meet.

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  1. I'm arranging the meeting with Andrew and we already have a few people on board! If you'd like to join us, send me a message on Facebook - - or e-mail me at Please include a mobile number and a link to your Etsy shop - I'd like to send a list of shops to Andrew beforehand, so he knows who he meeting!