Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wednesday Team Treasuries

Happy Fourth of July!
Five beautiful treasuries this week, starting with Not raining today by Annie Sage of MountGabriel.
Next, Baby baby baby by Hazel Donelly;
The Magic of Ireland by agoodmoments; Beach Combing Ireland by Shona Macdonald;
and Ravishing Red by Renee Summers; Enjoy!


  1. Lovely treasuries!
    Thank you for including my -The Magic of Ireland- treasury on this wonderful blog:)

  2. Oh wow they al look wonderful, My pic is in there, so proud :D

  3. thanks for taking up the job of posting these each week. Everything looks great. What a talented team, eh?

  4. It's a pleasure to take this on - I was delighted with the beautiful treasuries made this week. As you say, lots of talent to choose from!