Sunday 29 July 2012


Hi Everyone

We have been contacted by John from The Bernard Shaw - Bar, Studio & Artspace - ( in Dublin. He wants to run a craft fair featuring the Etsy Ireland Team, on Saturday 27th October. The options are as follows:

  • Anyone from the Etsy Ireland Team can go there and set up their own stall, selling for themselves. 
  • We could take over the whole marquee and run an 'Etsy Ireland Event', in which case you could attend in person and set up a stall, but in addition we would also need some volunteers to run stalls where the sellers can't get there, but you could post items to be sold, a bit like Ruth did with the 'pop up shop'.
This is a great opportunity for the team and all of it's members who would like to participate because John is providing everything free of charge!

This event has been run before and so it's likely that lots of people would be in attendance.


Here is the email that John sent to us:

'Here is a link to a video of what was the Toejam Carbooty Sale in it's prime a couple of years back:

I used to run that in here once every 6 - 8 weeks and it was super popular and a lot of fun. Since we had to stop the large scale stuff I've done a couple of food fares and smaller markets (called Mini Malls) and I would be looking to run the Etsy show along the same lines. Maybe like 6 - 10 well produced stalls, with food and drink surrounding, run from 12 - 6pm with the market seemlessly becoming an after party, filled full of people, everybody is happy!
For the Mini Mall there is two options. One is that its an Etsy Mini Mall, as in you guys front it and fill the majority, if not all of the stalls, making sure there is a good balance of product on sale. I can fill in around the gaps with food vendors etc. The other option is that there is an Etsy area at The Mini All, you guys could take over a row of tables. 
With my promotion deadline looming, (monday!) I would love to be able to say Etsy are 100% in, and then we can work on the details over the next few weeks and months and decide which type of event it is. Would you be able to do that do you think?'


Ok. At this stage all I need is for those of you who would be interested to contact me with your preferences for the way to go forward. Also if anyone would like to volunteer to run it (with help of course) on behalf of all of us who wouldn't be able to get there please contact me:

It would be great publicity for the Etsy Ireland Team sellers and Etsy in general. I will put it to the big bods of Etsy and see what publicity we can get from them on the Internet, and John will be doing all the publicity for the event. 

I think this is so good of John to want to work with us, and its a fabulous opportunity, so come on everyone - lets support him and ourselves.

Talk to us here or at Sue's email address above quickly - deadline is tomorrow!!!!


  1. Sounds very exciting! John must an angel:)

  2. Wow! I am VERY INTERESTED. Sign me up! I'm at and would set up a stall with mounted prints, unmounted prints, postcards, etc. I live in Dublin - do let me know what I need to do next!

  3. Thanks John - count me in :)

  4. this gound great! only now I found out about (shame on me, I forget to check the blog, still new to all this!) hope it's still on?I will be going from Wexford