Thursday 1 March 2012

St Patricks Day Treasure Hunt Update

Hi Everyone

I (Sarah) have taken over the St. Patricks Day treasure hunt. But I am tweaking it slightly.

We have 17 Etsy shops now committed to giving prizes and make it worth the hunter's while, I am going to create 4 prize packs.

So can I ask all the shops to post me their prize and I will put together 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th prize packs and post photos of them so everyone can see! You can convo me through my Etsy Shop Sarah Mai Designs or on Facebook.

Can everyone plug, push and promote this on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and any other teams you are a member of.

The questions will be posted here on the Team Ireland Blog, on the Etsy Ireland page on Facebook and on the Team Forum on Etsy on St Patricks Day. The treasure hunt will involve finding out something from each participating shop e.g. How many sections does 'X' have?

Any questions or queries please get in touch with my via my shop Sarah Mai Designs.

Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook and the Team Forum on Etsy for further updates


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