Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tea & Chat...

Alexandria Reynolds and her Lexrey shop are this weeks guests here at Tea & Chat, the kettle has boiled, the tea is brewing, so let us begin!

 1. What has been your art/craft journey so far?
 Making things (mostly trouble) since I could hold a needle at 4 or 5. Mother a tailoress; on top of that inate creativity I come from a long line of eccentrics.

                        2. What are your 3 favourite products to work with?
                        It has to be wire - silver; crystals and diamonds (or rather inkeeping with my budget   MARBLES, tee hee hee!)

                       3. What is your favourite quote?
                        'Better to paint the walls than be runing up them!'

                         4. If you could have a perfect work space what would it look like?
                         Any 5 star hotel - (with spa) in a big city; beside the sea or Mongolia - will do.

                      5. Who or what is your inspiration?
                       Me - that's who but hey, ETSY comes a close second. An incedible site with out of this       world contributions

                    6. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your creative business?
                    That I should bave studied to be a Banker and be shopping in Tiffanys (& of couse Etsy)

                   7. Marmite or Marmalade????                   Marmite actually but I don't believe in limiting myself so one half of toast Marmite - the other        Marmalade (gonna need strong coffee to down that!)

                   8. What has been your proudest moment?                   Has to be my FIRST Etsy sale; and my second; and my third; and my . . .

Thanks Alexandria for answering the questions, you can find her lovely jewels over at 
Lexrey ~ pop over and say hello!

If you would like your Etsy shop featured then drop me a line at Scrapzville 

Enjoy your weekend!
Felicia x

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