Monday 20 February 2012

St Patricks Day Competition

Sarah from Sarah Mai Designs is now running the St Patricks Day Competition.

As St Patricks Day is fast approaching, it's time to take this opportunity to gain some extra exposure for our team.

I believe last year we ran a treasure hunt and it was a lot of work for everyone involved so I want to try to keep this as simple as possible.

The plan is to ask a simple question that sends entrants to each of our stores. For example how many team sellers listed below live in Cork? I will only list the sellers that have contributed a prize so entrants will have to follow the links rather than take a shortcut to the team page to find the answer.

If you would like to have your store included in the competition please send me a message via my shop Sarah Mai Designs by Sunday 26th February confirming that you will provide a prize.

I will post the competition details here as soon as I have a list of stores who will contribute.

The closing date for customers to enter the competition will be St Patricks Day and we will draw the winners on Monday 19th March.

There will be a blog post soon detailing the prizes etc.



  1. Amy, this sounds like a great oppurtunityfor advertising our shops - thanks for organising it!
    I'll hop over to your shop and leave a message now!

  2. Great idea !! Count me in !

  3. love this idea! sending you a convo now!

  4. Thanks Amy for taking care of this, really.

  5. Thanks for taking on the task Amy.

  6. I would love nothing more than to enter this competition, sadly I cant find where :(