Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Packaging Orders - Some Useful Tips

I would like to thank the lovely Ruth from Nice Day Designs for allowing me to republish some of her articles/tutorials - they are full of useful information and advice

Packaging Orders

As much as possible I try to make systems for all of my work so that things run smoother. I'm not naturally inclined towards being organised so I've spent years training myself to do this to try to make running a business less stressful. When I first started selling on Etsy getting orders was both very exciting and hugely time consuming. The first few orders I got, I had to walk down town to buy packaging, then spend ages rooting out the Sellotape. Thankfully things have changed, now I have what I like to call my 'postal station', which has:
Envelopes of multiple sizes
Thank you notes (see my how-to here)
Business Flyer
Return Address labels
Wide Tape that never leaves this basket so I always know where it is.
Craft freebie magnets(see here)
Bubble wrap
Velvet gift bags
Zip lock bags

Having all these things easily to hand makes life so much easier, especially when I get a few orders in the same day. Also I've kept the colour scheme consistent with my logo, the blue is carried through from the flyer, thank you note, the sticker on the envelope with my logo, the logo on the promo magnet and even the blue in the return address labels. This is to reinforce my brand and also to give a slick professional appearance. I make sure to keep these extra touches to a minimum though so that it doesn't hike up my costs. I've bought lots of stuff on Etsy over the years and it really makes a difference, the shopping experience becomes even more special. Bonzie and Magpie and Button are two people who pop into my mind who went the extra step and really personalised their packaging. If this is a selling point in your pieces it wouldn't be a bad idea to put a photo of your wrapping/parceling in your last listing image like Balanced does. 

Thanks again to Ruth for allowing us to re-use her article - very informative!
If anyone else would like to share their knowledge, experience or advice with us please contact me through my Etsy Shop Cari Design.


  1. This is a great post, Thanks:) It's something that i have to work on a bit more.

  2. What a great article!!! Such an inspiration to get organised...

  3. thanks Ruth. A good read. I have a 'packaging department'....unfortunately it's very hard to keep it neat and hidden away :-S

  4. Lovely article. I have a packaging station, but I am soooo not organised. Every now and then I tidy it all up and swear that I will keep it tidy and organised. I never achieve it though.