Thursday, 1 September 2011

Update from Sue

Hello Everyone,

There are a couple of things to mention about our 'Lets Shop' on the Blog, but first an apology from me...

I completely mucked it up when I went to add some of the new team members to it last week. So much did I muck it up that I actually deleted it, all the categories - everything. Sooooo, with a very red face, I want to give you ALL, my sincere apologies.

Which leads me on to the next matter. Several of us tried to do the necessary repairs but to no avail, until Robert from our very own drkssoapcompany stepped in and sorted it out.

So that's that problem solved, and since I was too terrified to touch it again, Robert was persuaded by me, to update the categories list in the future.

New members will still need to let me know which one, or two categories they want to go into in the first instance, because all the details have to go on the Master Sheet for the team, but then Rob will take over.

The last thing to mention is that since Etsy have changed their main search to 'Relevancy' , it might be time to have a look at all the categories in 'Lets Shop' to see if we can make them more relevant to what buyers are looking for.

A couple of the new team members have already asked to have some new categories added to the list, so at some stage when Rob is going to do this, I'm sure he will be asking us for suggestions. In the meant time, it would be nice of you, if you get a minute, to pop over to Robs shop and 'Favourite' an item, as a thank you for getting us up and running again. It's : if you feel like doing that.

Thank you,



  1. Dont worry the I harder I try something on the internet I also muck up its easily done, and sure isnt that how we learn things :P

    Anyways have added shop to favourites and liking his stuff very much think ill be tempted when I get my next sale to buy some new lip gloss! :)

  2. I seem to be missing from the jewellery category. :(

  3. The times I seriously messed up some knitting...!

    Yes, Robert's shop is on my favourites, too, and as soon as there is any money in the kitty...