Monday, 9 May 2011

Crafty News

Flowers at Malone House, South Belfast

Since our Mo is away on a well-deserved holiday and nobody has come forward to step into her shoes for these three weeks, you'll get me, Purls, once more.

And this leads me into the next subject, which is our blog. I am a bit thin on the ground for contributions, so unless you want to read Purls' yarnspinning every day, or have Jacob's growls and scowls for a week, I need to see paws up for the blog.

To show you all how effective our blog is, here is a link to an article by Alice on Fondelifair, which shows clearly that people are reading this blog and that articles translate into visitors to featured shops and author's websites.

This is very good news. Do you need any more persuasion, or do I have to send the bear in???

More crafty news:
  • this weekend, Etsy Ireland's pop-up-shop, organised by Ruth from nicedaydesigns will dazzle visitors during the Cat Dig in Limerick. If you had the good intentions of sending some of your products down, but it went out of your head, check with Ruth whether or not it's too late to send things now.
  • Some of our team members have joined Fondelifair, the new Irish online craft community and marketplace, and we're making ourselves quite at home there while getting to grips with the joys of Word Press. For those who would like to learn and brush up their Word Press skills, this might be the right course for you.
  • The Home Souk and the Fashion Souk are on in Belfast this weekend. Both are taking place in the Europa Hotel from 11am to 5pm (Home Souk is on 14 May, Fashion Souk on 15th)
As always keep an eye on the Year of Craft website for updates countrywide, and tell me of any interesting crafty news happening in your area!