Sunday, 27 March 2011

The treasure chest is opened...

It arrived!!! This week Karen received her treasure chest, the amazing swag from the Etsy Ireland team's St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt, and together with her son Noah, who thought that all his Christmasses had come together, opened it, while her sister took some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing - it feels like having been there!!!

Felted Flower Brooch from Fine Fibre

Blue Pearl bracelet from Elimare

'Paddy the rat drinking Guinness in a quiet pub' from Tanya Bond

Felt brooch from Betty Octopus

Soft green scarf from Ruby Star Knits

Ag Smaoineamh Ort Sheep - 'Thinking of You' sheep by Yvonne Kennedy

Still life contemporary impressionistic painting by Diana Marshall

Connemara Marble, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Earrings. Emeraldine handmade byAmor

Paddy's Day baby booties by Mukky Monkey

Pint of Guinness Shrinky Dink Earrings by Nice Day Designs

Vintage Lucite bracelet by Balanced

Something Blue Sterling Silver and Niobium Post Earrings from Clodaghmjewellery

Elysium aqua sea glass pendant from Irish Sea Glass

Dream's Edge, signed limited edition watercolour print by Design Birdie

Stained glass Fairy Suncatcher by Rainbow Stained Glass

Book of Kells in Wood - wall hanging illuminated letter by Jack Dolan Woodcraft
(this was sent separately, so wasn't in the treasure chest)

All the booty together!

Karen told me that she is really happy with the gifts and wants to thank all of the team for this prize.


  1. how fun!! congrats, Karen!

    and how neat to be able to see them being opened! never get to see that!

  2. oh my gosh, what a lucky lady!!! the pix are fabulous and so were the prizes

  3. oh golly what a joy it would be to have a big box like that arrive in the arms of Mr Postman tomorrow - wow. Glad Karen liked her haul :D

  4. ah that was really cool that Karen took the trouble to take photos and send them to us! Yay! Enjoy!

  5. Wow, what a box of treasures indeed! Beautiful items. Well done Karen for all the amazing step by step photo's.

  6. Oh! Must have been a very exciting experience! I want that too! :D
    Maybe next time...

  7. The pictures are fantastic, Karen is one lucky girl!

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