Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day to all

Collage courtesy of Stephanie Anabo, the beautiful letters are by Suzie from littlewhitedog

It's a glorious day today, just right for parades, a few...cups of tea and some restrained merrymaking ;)

But I guess that's not what you really want to know...

You want to know who is the luckeeeeee winner of the Etsy Ireland St Patrick's Day Treasury Hunt.

You want to know who won this prize...

Well, so this morning Jacob and I got ready for the grand prize draw.

It took Jacob some time to find his wig and gown, but after some time of meticulous grooming, he was ready.

Under his watchful beary eyes, I pulled one piece of paper out of my woolly hat...

Opened it...

And there it was...the one name of the lucky lucky winner who would receive the largest haul of crafty swag the world has ever seen...

Congratulations, Karen!

This fabulous Treasure Hunt would not have been possible without Suzie, Anne and Grace who helped with the photographing of the letters, Nadine, Letizia, Mo, all the Etsy Ireland team members who donated the gorgeous prize items, the 'hiders' (those 8 members who hid the words in their shops: HandsSeries, yarnsweetie, theletterboxpress, cherryblossomtattoo, Spleodar, Craftemail, ShinyJane and patchworkdelights), all the participants (not one of them got it wrong!)...and...yes, Jacob (who is just raiding the kitchen for some hunny).

Have a great St Paddy's Day ye all, drown the shamrock (and remember, it's Paddy's, not Patty's!)


  1. Congrats to winner - wow !!
    And what an impressive and fun Treasure Hunt.
    Well done to everyone for such a huge effort and a well thought out hunt.
    Fantastic !!

  2. ooh how fab! What country is our lucky winner from?
    Congrats to Karen and well done all ye who organised, helped or played the game!

  3. I am totally in love with Suzie's letters! They are just so fab!

    Just sayin...

  4. Congratulations to the winner!!!! Well done to all involved!
    And Happy St. Patricks Day to all!!!!

  5. Suzie's letters and the photograph set ups were fantastic! Well done team for all the work and Congratualtions KAREN!
    Jacob - I'm not talking to you

  6. yay! Congrats, Karen!! Hope you enjoy!
    Happy Paddy's Day, all!

  7. hi everyone,karen here,the luckiest winner ever,i really feel like i've just won the lotto,no wait,i mean the euro millions,i just dont win things and to win such lovely prizes today has made what was a great st. patricks day an absolute fantastic one so thank you all so much,i'm on top of the world. Btw i'm from Cork. Up Cork yay!

  8. Great stuff Karen,
    congrats. You are in for a treat and a half. I will be sending you the HOARD in the next few days.
    Well done all. Another great event in our calendar.
    Happy Happy to you all

  9. Congratulations!!! Karen, that must have been so exciting!!! I'm mad jealous

  10. *the sexy bear is pawing the computer screen, hoping that Carrie will speak to him again*

  11. Well done to ALL OF YOU that organised this event!

    It was great fun and well done to the winner!

    Sure it was gonna be me... grrr.

    XXX fi

  12. Well done xx

    Congrats to the winner