Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Treasury Time

Thanks a million to ByAmor for her treasury how-to yesterday, it was a great step by step guide. So now all of you can get started making team treasuries,also don't forget to post a link to them here on the treasury forum.

On a side note can I just say how great it's been browsing through all the new shops that have joined the team, it's been a while since I was a very active team member, and I'm bowled over by all this great new talent. I really want to go shopping now!

Today I'm doing a big Spring clean in my house, or at least I was until I got sucked into the addiction of treasuries, so I picked a bright and airy theme as that's how my house feels since all the clutter is being sorted at long last.


  1. These are gorgeous treasuries! They really do want to make you shop :)

  2. I agree Purls they are all wonderful!


  3. thanks for posting Ruth. Fresh and optomistic collections. I get a sense that better times are on their way.....