Sunday, 16 January 2011

Put Your Paws Up...

I've temporary emerged from my winter hybernation to give you the bear eyes!

*rubs sleepy bear eyes*

The Etsy Ireland team still needs keen volunteers for the new team committee. So I am drumming up some support here!

*drums on floor with all four paws*

On my fur, it's a great opportunity to learn new skills, get to know other crafters and help the team. So far we got some crackin' new volunteers. Will you follow their pawprints?

Web Designer: Maggie (thebowmakers)
Crafty News: Mo (huggleknits)
Treasury Currator: Ruth (nicedaydesigns) 
Fab Five: Beth (magpieandbutton)
Tea and a Chat: Rebecca (luckyrainbowdesigns)
Eyes Open Ireland: Rach (balanced)
Blog hosts: AM (by Amo'r) and Ruth (nicedaydesigns)
New Members' welcome: Letizia (ooakie)
Facebook Page: the thistlepatch

Letizia and Purls have agreed to stay on in their positions of Team Admin and Blog Co-Ordinator, unless somebody new steps proud and bearlike on the scene. So these fabulous posts are still up for grabs!

Team Admin (rotated every 6 months)
  • responsible for making newcomers welcome and passing on links (facebook/flickr/blog...)
  • encourage members to tag items correctly with 'craftyirelandteam'
  • add new shops to Shop Directory on blog
  • add new members to the Crafty Ireland team page
  • be on hand for general queries from new and existing members
  • email the New Member Admin weekly with the names of new members for inclusion in the 'Welcome' post on the blog

Blog Co-ordinator (rotated every 6 months)

  • work with the 'blog hosts' to provide daily content on the blog
  • create a blog timetable/ calendar through shared docs, for instance Google Calendar
  • write articles, especially when there are gaps in the schedule
  • edit submitted articles if necessary
  • deal with minor technical glitches on the blog
  • add blog hosts/ regular contributors as blog authors to the blog so that they can publish their articles themselves
  • encourage members to submit content, this involves mentioning the blog in the team forums and to new members, as well as publishing calls for new content on the blog regularly
  • co-operate with the Blog Designer to have regular design changes
  • be the contact person for the blog and respond to queries

Blog Hosts

Responsible for assisting Blog Co-Ordinator in maintaining a complete blog schedule and help fill gaps where necessary. There are regular hosts and hosts who don't have a weekly slot.

Regular slots:

'Treasuries' (at present on Wednesdays)

The Treasury Curator will be the contact person for all treasury makers in the team and will publish blog posts with screenshots and links to active treasuries which feature Etsy Ireland team members. Also will publish regular treasury competitions. It's a fun post for somebody who loves Treasuries!

'Tea and a chat with' (published on Saturdays)

Fun, friendly member interview blogged by host - also responsible for sourcing contributors. This feature doesn't have to be a weekly one - this term it was published every fortnight.

Blog Hosts without a regular slot:

Submit articles regularly and help the Blog Co-Ordinator to fill gaps.

PR Team/Think Tank (long term role for 3 - 5 members)

This term the Think Tank didn't get off the ground properly, but this is a team effort by a bunch of proactive creative thinkers and most importantly 'doers' to help generate publicity for the team, online and offline. This includes writing press releases, organising team promotions and publicising the team at events or organising publicity events for the team. The Think Tank works closely with the Team Admin and Blog Co-Ordinator.

The Think Tank is also responsible for applying for team grants and informing the team of progress via blog, facebook, twitter, Crafty Ireland Team forums, and Etsy chat room.

Area Representatives:

Represent your Area! Hosting a team meeting is a great way to do that! We need reps for
Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Limerick and Cork. If there is a significantly large group of Etsy Ireland team members elsewhere, do let the Team Admin know and discuss where to set up meetings for said group!
Each rep will be responsible for setting up meeting time/location and inviting members in your locality to come along. No big agenda! Just meet up, chat, show off your latest makes, maybe have a craft supply swap and have fun. We’d love each rep to blog after each meeting with some photos and a little summary of what you all got up to!

Limerick (West and South): Llinos Designs


Now I am going back to lying on my bear hide and continue my well-deserved kip! Be sweet as hunny and volunteer while I dream of the spring sun's arrival!

Bear Hugs

*curls up under blankets, grunts, starts to snore loudly*


  1. Hi there!

    Happy to take on tea and a chat with as saturdays really suit me!!! :)

    Let me know if that suits!
    Rebecca x

  2. I'll take the Wednesday treasuries, I love making them and I'm very familiar with the blog so I don't mind doing screen shots etc.

    That's if nobody else desperately wants to do it.

  3. Woah, what a quick response!!! Thanks, Rebecca and Ruth, that's fabulous!

    Jacob grunts a thanks and flutters an eyelid :)

  4. Just to let you know - the Crafty News goes out on the blog every Monday. If you have any news you want to share please get in touch by Sunday evening.

  5. It's pretty funny, myself and Rebecca were both just at a team meeting, we obviously got home at the same time and went straight on facebook/blog.
    Purls I'll have a post on it, when would you like me to post it?

  6. I have a free slot this Thursday! It's yours :)

  7. Cool thanks!
    I'm also working on that treasury, I'll have the post schedualled for this Wednesday time like the present and all that lark

  8. Thanks ever so much! Really looking forward to it :)

  9. I'll keep doing the twitter account too, forgot about that one. I drop in every few days.

  10. I'm delighted to continue with the Fab Five on Fridays :)

  11. I'd be happy to be a area representative for Limerick West & South (more of the county and less of the city).

  12. yeaaay I got the facebook pagey thingy!!! thanks!! ... sooooo what now???

  13. Llinos, that sounds great! I put you on the list :)

    Thistle, your job is all about updating the Facebook page and answering any queries. How good are your Facebook skills? Mine are very basic yet *cough*