Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pop up Shop Opportunity in Dublin

Hi everyone! Below I have copied a press release from the RHA in Dublin. They are looking for proposals for a pop up shop for one or two weeks in Feb/Mar/April.

If anyone is interested in doing an Etsy Crafty Ireland Team pop up shop in the RHA, please let me know today that you are interested and I will include some photos of your Etsy shop stuff in the proposal, which has to be submitted tomorrow (Friday 14th). If more people are interested later, then you can be added and we'll figure out the details and all that later if the proposal is accepted!!

Email me:

Click on their website link at the bottom for more details.


Calling all aspiring designers and young creatives, the RHA is launching the RHA POP UP shop.

We are inviting submissions of interest to operate from a retail unit in a prime location in the gallery for periods of between one and two weeks. The POP UP is open to designers of fashion, furniture, craft, creative start-up businesses, and any innovative retail ideas. The POP UP offers the opportunity for small businesses or start-up projects to test out their ideas in a retail unit for a concentrated period. The footfall through the gallery is consistently high with an average of 2000 visitors per week.

The unit measures 3.8 x 3.8 meters and is fitted with 6 adjustable shelving units. The RHA is not in a position to offer any additional outfitting or modifications to the unit. The unit is shared with a small, separate bay of shelving of RHA publications and catalogues. The cost of the unit is €100 for one week or €175 for two weeks; the install and removal period should be factored within this. You will be responsible for the staffing of the shop and the opening hours must coincide with the gallery’s hours.

To submit an application for the RHA POP UP please send in a statement for your intended use of the space, some sample images of your work or a reference to your website. Art exhibitions will not be considered.

Please indicate whether you would like to take the unit for one or two weeks and what is your preferred month. The slots will be scheduled during the months February, March& April. It is hoped that following this pilot programme, the POP UP will be offered on a continuing basis so applications not chosen on this occasion may be referred to later slots.

General enquiries to Ciara Timlin, or tel: 01 6612558.

Applications should be emailed to by 14 January 2011.

See RHA website, for images and further details.

Pop Up Shop info on their website here:


  1. That sounds like a brilliant opportunity! I am so interested, but with me hailing from Belfast, it's always a bit tricky - will email you anyway! :)

  2. Sounds so good - I wish one would pop up in Cork :(

  3. Hello, do they do pop ups for selling bric-a-brac anywhere in Dublin or Kildare please?