Monday, 24 January 2011

Crafty News Desk

Greetings from the Crafty News Desk.

How are you all doing? 
New Year - new collections in the ETSY shops and loads of new members in the Crafty Ireland Team.  Our membership is growing and growing - how many have we now?   Great to see the wide selection of crafters we have in our group.   Take a look at the last few groups of new members on the blog here > group A  group B

Not a lot of fresh newsie titbit's for you this week.  Everyone seems to be beavering away being creative.
Great news though about a new Europe office for ETSY being set up in Ireland  - see this earlier report Limerick Meeting  Loads of speculation going on as to where it will be located and how many staff will be needed as well as the advantages we as Irish Crafters will have when it opens.

Also some of our crafters are involved with the Showcase Ireland in the RDS.  Loads of luck to you all.  If you want to read more about this check this out rds

In case you need to keep in touch with the year of craft and what is coming up check out this link Craft Year    As to what we as a group might do to showcase our creativity, no news yet.  Any plans for regional meetings coming up?  There are loads of ideas out there that we need to harness. is looking for new suppliers for their website  They cater for the Irish American market and would be interested hearing from new suppliers. 

Make contact here ; irishshop

Interesting item  ----  check out this website  art  throughout the upcoming election  !!!!

If you have any news items that you would like to pass on to the team e.g. markets, art/craft exhibitions, courses, meetings, selling opportunities, items to buy/sell (within  reason and only craft related) giveaways in your shop etc etc etc....  contact me through my shop here HuggleKnits

That's it for this week. 

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  1. Thanks Mo for your Crafty News - I do like the Upstart idea! Looks like you'll have an election sooner than later...

    Is anybody going to Showcase Ireland? I usually do visit it, but this year I am just too skint to even take a bus into Belfast, never mind going to Dublin! If anybody has any Showcase news, impressions or hints on trends, do let us know!