Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wedding Anniversaries Part 3. Handmade, Irish Gifts for the 6th Year.

This is the third instalment of a 4-part series on handmade gifts for Wedding Anniversaries. We’ve reached the 6th year, a surprisingly interesting one, associated with sugar, iron and wood. I’ve dug up some unusual, appropriate gifts from the Crafty Ireland team on Etsy.

In this corner of the world, the 6th wedding anniversary is celebrated with sugary gifts. Like many of the ‘in between years’ the meaning seems to be left open to interpretation. You’re sweet as Candy? Life is sweet? Sweet hearts forever?

Traditionally, this would imply confectionary, but I came across a couple of interesting ways to mark this mid-milestone year.

A lump o sugar ring by Made for an Angel (Louise O'Dwyer) will surely please your sweetheart.

There’s nothing sweeter than scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere. I can almost smell these cute little cupcake candles by Bluebell Eco Candles from here.

In the US the 6th anniversary is associated with iron and wood. Both symbolise strength and solidity in the marriage.

Steering away from traditional iron goods, how about this evocative photographic print of an Irish smithy by Cherry Blossom Tattoo?

The mineral hematite is in fact, iron ore. It looks like a stone possessing a metalic sheen and is much used in jewellery. Sometimes it is magnetised. Metaphysically it is associated with intuition and improving and growing relationships so I thought it highly appropriate.

These unusual handmade earrings by Balanced show how beautiful iron ore can be.

In latter years, wood has become associated with the 6th anniversary. It symbolises strength and firm friendship. You might like to get crafty and make a meaningful gift yourself. This collection of Irish driftwood from Celtic Sea Treasures may spark your imagination.

Mooliki offers a range of original ink drawings , beautifully depicting wood at its source, the tree.

Turquoise and amethyst and are the stones associated with the sixth year of marriage. This purse or handbag charm comes from my own Etsy shop. Turquoise is also the birthstone for December.

I’ll be back with a look at the 7th anniversary before the winter is out. It is associated with wool, a much loved, natural material in Ireland. That will be where I hang my (hand-knitted) hat as far as this series is concerned ...mayhaps I’ve got the 7 year itch to write about something else.

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  1. Great post Anne-Marie.
    Just adding the Sugar Ring to my Santa Wish List
    Love It!!

  2. I was just loving this idea for a post - my next wedding anniversary is number 6! Oh but then I saw my photo and I was oh so happy - thank you! One more glass of wine and I would be esctatic, hahahahahahhaha. Love you all

  3. Thanks for featuring my ring! I was thrilled to see it this morning. What a great idea for a post! Love Cherry Blossom Tattoo's photograph..

  4. Cheers gals. Carrie- what a coincidence. May I wish you a happy 6th anniversary in advance!!!

  5. Woah, I love this article! What unusual gifts! That driftwood gives me ideas :)

    And I can't wait for the next one - wool!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for adding my cupcake candles - more than 1 person has thought they were real 'food' - one lady asking me were they gluten free' - I said they are 'Caloire Free' great for us ladies on our pre Xmas diets. Love the post

  7. Great post, Anne-Marie! And thank you for featuring my earrings. :)

    We're just coming up on our 5th in a few days, but I know now what I'm getting the hubs for our 6th! ;)

  8. Happy Anniversary Rach! heheh I just got a picture in my head of you giving himself an actual clothes iron for your 6th...

  9. Brilliant post, this anniversary series is so interesting! Great gift ideas here. Thanks for sharing Anne-Marie :)

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