Thursday 30 September 2010

Crafty Ireland Celebrates Wedding Anniversaries. Part 2.

Hi Anne-Marie of Handmade by Amo’r back with part two in the mini-series on Wedding Anniversaries. This time let’s take a peek at the meaning behind traditional gifts given on the 3rd through 5th anniversaries. It may be of use to you as a shopping guide or simply for tagging purposes if you are an Etsy seller. And yes, it’s also an excuse to eye up some goodies from the very talented Crafty Ireland team.

Leather is the traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary both over here and in the USA. Chosen for its durability and flexibility, it also represents resilience and strength in the marriage. It was hard to choose from the fabulous leather goodies from the team, but I thought to kick off with something for the men folk. Silkstone Designs makes cool leather cuffs featuring guitar picks, which are available with your own personal message.

Modern gifts for this anniversary include crystal goods. Gemstones for the 3rd anniversary are pearl or jade.

In this corner of the world, the 4th wedding anniversary is celebrated with flowers and fruit. Apparently, you are supposed to give flowers to her and fruit to him, but there are no hard and fast rules. Flowers represent the blossoming and growth of the relationship. Jolie Art’s pretty flower prints stuck me as a thoughtful alternative to an actual bouquet.

Fruit represents long life and renewal. If you’d like to give something longer lasting than a fruit basket, may I suggest this fresh and original oil painting of raspberries by Tanya Bond?

In the USA however, the 4th anniversary is marked with linen or silk. My research indicates that there is more of a practical reasoning behind these gifts than any spiritual symbolism. Sheets or tableware are usually given. However, linen and silk are more expensive and durable than cotton which is given in the first two years of marriage. Therefore, these luxurious materials could symbolise that the marriage has moved on to better things.

Handmade by Sima offers beautifully hand printed table runners in linen.

Or, moving away from traditional home ware, how about this cute, linen headband from A Room In The Cottage?

As for himself, you might prefer to give something lovingly made by you, perhaps using this quality, linen-mix wool from Woolly Gathering.

Wooden objects are given on the 5th anniversary on both sides of the Atlantic sea. Wood symbolises strength and firm friendship, two ideas evoked by this hand carved wall hanging by Jack Dolan. Though intended as a housewarming gift, it is just as suitable to mark 5 years of sharing the same roof.

The gems for this milestone are pink tourmaline and sapphire.

Not to leave out those of us who are still foot loose and fancy free, you might like a read of this article on gifts for the unhitched by Brigitte of Purls of Colour. That reminds me, has anyone seen my frog Prince? He appears to have scarpered after all the female attention following part 1 in this series.


  1. great article. very well written and put together!

  2. Love it! That linen set is just gorgeous!

    As to the frog prince...not hiding here, I'm afraid! Maybe one of the other Etsy Ireland ladies has been luckier?

    (well, I shouldn't complain, I do have a very cuddly big bear here...)

  3. I never knew that 3rd and 4th anniversary had some symbols and meaning... Thank you for this informative article!

  4. That is a great article! I didn't know about the symbols and meaning either! Thank you for sharing this all with us! Love the frog! Jenny

  5. thanks.
    Originally only the milestones were celebrated but over the last 80 years the list has expanded - mainly thanks to the retail industry of course. I plan to do 1 or 2 more articles in the series but will have to stop then and cover something fresh.

    Frog last sighted at Lisdoonvarna....

  6. Love the article: loads of new ideas, fresh thinking and pleasing to the eye... what more could we want.

    Hope the frog remembers to write......

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