Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Treasury Challenge! - Winter Time

Hey team! Time for a new treasury challenge!

I know we're all very busy this time of year, so I'm going to keep the theme fairly simple this week. The theme for this weeks challenge is Winter Time. What does Winter mean to you?

Now then, the rules.
  1. The treasury must be curated between today and Saturday (Nov.24 - Nov.27). You will have 4 days to create and submit, then there will be 3 days for voting. This challenge will end on Tuesday, Nov.30th, 23:59. Winner announced on Wednesday, Dec.1st.
  2. A link to your treasury must be posted here in the comments of this post to enter.
  3. Your treasury must contain two tags: craftyirelandteam and citchallenge4 (note the 4).
  4. You must include 8-10 Crafty Ireland Team members in your treasury.
  5. Your treasury must not include one of your own items.

    That's it!
Your incentive? Should you need one. ;)

- The winner will receive a a little feature post here on the blog AND their Etsy Mini listed in the sidebar for one whole week!

- Voting will be done via poll, which will be available on Saturday. Winner will be announced next Wednesday, Dec. 1st.

Let's see those chilly collections!!


Entries - Voting is closed (thanks for playing, everyone!!)

- Winter Wonders by fiorejewellery

- An Irish Winter....not as harsh as the Irish government! by LuckyRainbowDesigns

- frosty and bright by cherryblossomtattoo

- Robins, snow and fire, sausages and spicy mulled wine... by purlsofcolour

- winter rain by homespunireland

- Winter Cosiness - A Dash of Red by lilabelledesign

- Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire... by byAMOR


  1. Oooh, just in time for the big snow that's going to hit us this week!

    I am filling in job application forms tomorrow *groan* so composing a treasury will be just the right treat for a brain that's overexposed to bureaucracy and box ticking!

  2. Hi!

    This is treasury I made for the team challenge:

    Hope you like it :o)


  3. I know! frost already!
    Good luck with the job hunt, Purls!!

    I know everyone is very busy around this time, I was hesitant to even have a challenge this week, but I thought we could all use a bit of distraction, eh?

    Wonderful treasury, Fiore! You're first on the list. :)

  4. Helloo!!

    A lovely treasury for you all to enjoy! Note the title! :)

    Rebecca - LuckyRainbowDesigns

  5. Now that is a clever title!
    Nice one, Rebecca!

  6. i have one :)
    all etsy ireland - all fabulous xx

  7. Phew, rushing in last minute with my winter offering:

    The title is a bit long and inspired by an old Christmas carol: Robins, snow and fire, sausages and spicy mulled wine...

    Rebecca, I looove your title!!!

  8. Ah, Brig, your collection made me feel all nice and warm. :)

  9. always surprised by the lovely items I come across from etsy ireland team members. Here is mine , a mix of textures with a dash of the most christmassy of colours red ;o)


    Hope I'm in on time? No worries if not, I had fun finding these lovely items from the team!

  11. plenty of time!
    both beautiful entries!!

  12. Voting is closed! We have a winner!
    Post will be up shortly!